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Drew Bonner Steps Up to the Plate

What an INCREDIBLE moment. From start to finish, this tugs at every emotional string I have. I know what you’re thinking: Hey, Dan, isn’t hate an emotion? You’re right it is, but I’m incapable of hate. It’s just not a part of my emotional repertoire.

Drew Bonner has been the team manager at Fairfax High in Virginia for the past four years. Despite being in a wheelchair, he gets an at-bat in a game and draws a walk. First of all, how amazing is his walk-up song? It’s “Ridin Dirty” by Chamillionare and the first lyric in that song is: “They see me rollin.” That’s about a 14 out of 10 on the incredible scale. It made me smile and laugh. Then the announcer gave Drew’s story and I became heartfelt. When the fourth ball was thrown, I was happy, sad, proud, touched and wanted to cry. The opposing team went to congratulate Drew and I wanted to fistpump and cheer and high-five everybody around me. Just an awesome moment for Drew. There’s nothing like a bond between teammates, and I’m glad somebody captured this and shared it with the world.