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Durham Bulls Re-Enact Scenes from Bull Durham

The Tampa Bay Rays' Triple-A affiliate, the Durham Bulls, have become renowned thanks in part to the 1988 movie Bull Durham. Recognizing this, former and present Bulls have celebrated the 25th anniversary of the film by revisiting some of its best scenes. Ben Zobrist concludes the video with the one thing you can guarantee in baseball: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes… it rains!” To celebrate the silver anniversary of the flick, the team is also holding other in-game promotions, including a Bull Durham mascot stadium race, a spicy Nuke Dog concession stand item and a weekend game where all of the players will don a Bull Durham-era throwback jersey.

If you are in the North Carolina area, and wondering if you should go to the ballpark – don’t think twice. As the Rays’ top pitching prospect, Jake Odorizzi, recites, “You just got lesson number one - don’t think – it will only hurt the ballpark.”