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Eric Mass Makes Unreal Catch to Beat Poly Prep

To say that baseball is an exciting sport, to me, would be an understatement. From Little League to the Majors, one can only be pleasantly surprised with so many incredible moments and games. One of such examples took place recently in a game between Horace Mann and Poly Prep. Ahead 3-2 with only one out left in the game, Horace was close to defeating Poly Prep for the first time in 12 years. But their opponent surely wasn`t going to make it easy.

Fortunately, Horace Mann’s center fielder, Eric Mass, was ready for it. In one of the most spectacular catches I have ever seen, Mass goes full-extension to make an incredible last out of the game to help his team win! The excitement of the team immediately following is equally as incredible. The cheers, the high fives, the smiles. That is what baseball is about. Before he could even catch his breath, Mass spoke with the videographer on the catch: “It was all instinct. I just backtracked, reached up! That’s all it was.”

It was definitely more than that, Mass. It was a game-saving catch that helped Horace Mann win five straight! Congratulations!

When and where was the best catch you have ever seen? Comment below.