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Evan Gattis: Home Run Derby Candidate



On Friday, Braves slugger Evan Gattis told reporters that he would love an opportunity to hit in the Home Run Derby at Citi Field this year. He'd pretty much jump at the opportunity.

He even has a pitcher in mind - his dad. How amazing would that be? Just hearing him say that made my day. This guy is having an unbelievable season and is an unbelievable story. Seeing him taking hacks with no batting gloves in the Derby would be 10 out of 10 awesome. We were lucky enough to hang out with Gattis and he's hilarious. Just an incredible guy. In fact, today we were listing who we wanted to be in the Derby and his name is at the top of all of our lists for the National League. So to whoever is going to be the NL Derby Captain, please, please select Gattis to be a participant. Gat-tis! Gat-tis! Gat-tis!

H/T Ricky Mast