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Facebook Q&A with Chris Sale and Addison Reed

During their visit to the MLB Fan Cave, White Sox hurlers Chris Sale and Addison Reed answered fan questions that were posted on the Fan Cave Facebook Page. Below are some of the questions that were selected.

Chris Sale: It's amazing having him as a manager. If we come to the field focussed, play hard and give it our all we know he'll have our back.

Addison Reed: Having Robin as a manager is a lot of fun. It helps that he was a former player; he was a tough player and he brings that same energy as a manager. He makes sure we all play at 100%.

Chris Sale: Between Addison and I it would probably be a tie. The best dancer on the team is Orlando Hudson. He did a whole dance the other day to "Call Me Maybe" that was great.

Addison Reed: I would say myself, I have some California swagger.

Chris Sale: St. Louis is really nice, I played their for the first time this year. I also like Cleveland a lot.

Addison Reed: Having Stephen Strasburg as a teammate was awsome. I loved watching him pitch. I didn't get to close for him too much because usually when he was on the mound he went 9.

Chris Sale: Growing up my favorite player was Randy Johnson. I also liked watching guys like Andy Pettite and C.C. Sabathia. When I was in college it was really fun to watch David Price break into the majors.