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Farrell wants Arencibia to learn from error

Farrell wants Arencibia to learn from error

TORONTO -- The Blue Jays allowed Friday night's game against the Mariners to slip away in part because of a pair of ninth-inning errors.

One of those came on an errant pickoff attempt by J.P. Arencibia. Toronto's catcher made a throw to first base with two outs in the ninth but had the ball sail into right field for a two-base error.

"It's a high-risk, high-reward play, and in the ninth inning, up by a run, you're looking to take care of the baseball and protect," Blue Jays manager John Farrell told reporters Saturday morning. "If that means being conservative, you want to make plays that are high-probability plays."

Those were similar sentiments to the ones Farrell expressed after Friday's extra-inning loss. For his part, Arencibia took responsibility for the error but added it's a throw he would make again because it could have won his team the game.

The viewpoints between manager and player didn't exactly seem in line and while the pair talked about the incident, not every aspect was covered.

"He did not say that directly to me, no," Farrell said in reference to Arencibia's quote to the media. "I will say this, I commend J.P. for his aggressiveness and his belief in his abilities to throw the baseball. It's, again, teaching the game situation and making the decision in the moment with the factors in mind: time of the game, score, where we are in the lineup, all of those things."