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More Food Trucks Coming Down to the MLB Fan Cave Today

In honor of our Food Week, our friends @SweeteryNYC set up shop outside the MLB Fan Cave for several hours Tuesday afternoon, passing out free treats to dozens of lucky visitors. If you missed out yesterday, though, don't worry. Two of NYC's other beloved baked goods food trucks will be coming down to the MLB Fan Cave this afternoon as well.

Leading off today's food truck visits is Brooklyn's famous Robicelli's Cupcakes, who will be parked outside the MLB Fan Cave for an hour beginning at noon. So, if you're in the area, grab a quick lunch and head down to 4th and Broadway for a unique and delicious dessert. @robicellis will be offering up their signature chicken and waffles cupcakes. Heidi Watney might not approve, but you should come on down and give them a try for yourself.

If you can't make it down during your lunch hour, you'll still have one more shot at free baked treats courtesy of the MLB Fan Cave when The Treats Truck arrives at 5:45 PM. @TheTreatsTruck has a fantastic menu so you definitely don't want to miss out.

Also keep an eye out for Houston Texans defensive lineman and known foodie Jarvis Green, who will be stopping in at 2:00 to take in the ultimate NYC bakery experience at the MLB Fan Cave.