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Four major league umpires to instruct at 2012 MLB Umpire Camp

MLB Urban Youth Academy Will Host Seventh Annual Umpire Camp from Nov. 4th – 11th; Registration Available at

Four Major League Umpires have been appointed to serve as instructors at the 2012 MLB Umpire Camp, which will be held from November 4th – 11th at the MLB Urban Youth Academy in Compton, California.

This year’s MLB Umpire Camp will feature one new instructor, Adrian Johnson, and three returning instructors, Ted Barrett, Mark Carlson and Marvin Hudson. The umpires will be joined by many other representatives of Major League Baseball’s Umpiring Department, including MLB Umpire Supervisors, as well as supervisors from Minor League Baseball’s Professional Baseball Umpire Corporation (PBUC), who will help administer all aspects of the Camp.

Randy Marsh, Director of Major League Umpires, and Rich Rieker, Director of Umpire Development, will also be on the staff. In addition, Vic Carapazza and Manny Gonzalez, both 2012 Minor League call-up umpires, will serve as first-time instructors.

“I am proud to be associated with the MLB Umpire Camps, which have reached aspiring umpires, our servicemen and servicewomen, and many who care about the game in the same way the Major League Umpires do,” said Major League Umpire Ted Barrett. “It is our duty to teach the game, its rules and its values to others, and we will strive to make it a great experience for all of its participants.”

The MLB Umpire Camp assists umpires in furthering the advancement of their college, high school and little league umpiring careers and also serves as a preparatory course to those considering a career as a Major League or Minor League umpire. The Camp provides world-class umpire training, going beyond classroom instruction and field work to also focus on rules interpretations, positioning, conditioning, nutrition, safety and equipment.

More than 45 attendees have gone on to attend one of the professional umpiring schools based in Florida and then have advanced to work in the Minor Leagues.