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Infield prospect Wall sustains minor shoulder injury

Orangewood Christian School (Maitland, Fla.) second baseman Forrest Wall, one of the best high school hitters in the Draft, separated his left shoulder Saturday night. The good news is that it popped back in easily, and X-rays showed no damage. Wall is expected to return after a week off.

Injured on a hard tag at second base, Wall should miss only two games, including a Friday matchup against The First Academy (Orlando, Fla.) and highly touted left-handers Adam Haseley and Foster Griffin. As prospects, they rate slightly behind Wall, currently projected to go in the second or third round.

Wall broke out last August at the East Coast Professional Showcase, displaying a quick left-handed swing geared for consistent line-drive contact and well-above-average speed. Evaluators who really like him can hang 65s on both his bat and his speed. While the North Carolina recruit isn't a slugger at 6-foot and 170 pounds, he has some surprising pop and outperformed Blue Jays star Jose Bautista in the first round of a charity home run derby event in February.

The biggest question with Wall relates to his other shoulder. He had surgery on his right labrum in 2011, and his throwing still hasn't bounced back, relegating him to second base for now. He tends to flip the ball to first base rather than cutting loose, and his arm concerns some scouts.

"He's left-handed, he's a plus-plus runner, he's got a good swing and he's real athletic," a regional crosschecker said. "He's a great kid. There aren't a lot of bats out here, so if a team will look past his arm, he could go pretty good."