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Jackson recalls role in Cubs-Nats altercation

MESA, Ariz. -- On Sept. 6, benches cleared in the game between the Cubs and Nationals after Chicago's Lendy Castillo threw inside to Bryce Harper. Edwin Jackson was on the Nationals' staff at that time. Now he's with the Cubs. Where was Jackson during the fight?

"I wasn't a negotiator," Jackson said Tuesday, "but I was kind of right there."

Video replays show Jackson charging out of the dugout along with his teammates and needing to be restrained by Washington bench coach Randy Knorr.

"I was a peacemaker, but I was right there," Jackson said. "Somehow I end up in the middle regardless of whether I'm doing anything or not. I can just be standing around, just watching everyone and observing and oh, like, 'Oh man, I'm in the middle.'"

The television cameras caught Jackson yelling from the sidelines and the Nationals broadcasters said the pitcher was "still hot" after the players had been separated. Jackson said he didn't recall specifics.

"I was just standing around, watching what was going on," he said.

Cubs catcher Steve Clevenger was fined and suspended one game after the incident.