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'Joecabulary' more than just words for Rays

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Rays manager Joe Maddon has an interesting vocabulary, which doesn't necessarily meet the criteria of Webster's Dictionary. Nevertheless, the meaning is usually clear. The Rays public relations staff has come up with a new word of their own, which they refer to as "Joecabulary" for defining some of what Maddon says. Recently they released these Joecabulary translations for the following words:

Attitudinally -- At a level relating to, based on, or expressive of personal attitudes or feelings. Maddon example: "I'm here to tell you, attitudinally speaking, [this is] one of the best groups I've been around."

Hitterish -- Of, relating to, or carrying the characteristics of a hitter. Maddon: "Wil Myers looked rather hitterish duing batting practice."