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Join Ricardo In Pledging AL

A lot of fighting and arguing has been going on in the MLB Fan Cave since the 2012 All-Star game is coming up. Before we can watch the American League completely dominate the National League for Home Field Advantage in Kansas City, we want YOU to pledge what league you stand behind. I know, I don't even know why I'm asking you to make this decision because it's quite obvious the American League plays on a whole different level. What? You want to actually hear why the American League is better? Well, alright then, here are the two main reasons that dispute the primary arguments used by my NL fan colleagues.

1. "Their pitchers hit! That's SO COOL!" - Yea, watching a pitcher strike out eight times out of 10 is so cool. "But, Ricardo, at least they hit those 9th and 10th at-bats." Oh, you mean when they bunt or hit a pop-fly/ground out? Real exciting, you guys. Fans want to see home runs and high-scoring affairs. I enjoy a pitchers duel but come on, let's see some dingers.

2. "National League is better. End of story" - I don't even have to go in to detail but through June 23, the Interleague record between the two is 2,038-1,853. The American League is destroying the National league. End of story.

Who do you pledge for in the MLB All-Star Game? Tweet @MLBFanCave using #ASG.