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Jordan Danks puts injury in perspective

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- As a player in a roster battle, Jordan Danks' mild sprain near his right elbow takes on even a bit more pain. But it was the outfielder's parents who helped put the injury in context.

"They're always trying to find the good in things," said Danks with a smile. "And they said, 'It might as well happen early if it's going to happen.'

"I'll miss the first couple games, and it's not going to be that big of a deal. It's going to be a long spring. I'm glad it wasn't anything worse than that. [White Sox head athletic trainer] Herm [Schneider] said just a couple days and should be feeling much better."

Jordan jokingly asked if he could use one of the gloves from his brother John and throw left-handed. And it's throwing the ball where Jordan is bothered most, as he took swings Saturday morning without any problem.

"Right now it's just a little sore to throw, and that's pretty much it," Danks said. "They got [MRI] results back and they think it's a mild sprain. That's pretty much it. A couple days without throwing should be fine.

"My arm was feeling very good and I was letting it heave a little bit and then the last throw mechanically did something different and felt a little stretch or something in there. A couple days strengthening things and I'll still be able to hit, so I'll be good."

With all but one of the 13 White Sox position players apparently accounted for, and barring an injury, Danks is in a battle with new acquisition Conor Gillaspie and Brent Morel for that final spot.