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Justin Verlander HR Derby Campaign




Every time I look at one of the fifteen television screens at the Cave Monster in the MLB Fan Cave, I feel I always see ANOTHER home run. Baltimore Orioles slugger Chris Davis is leading the American League in home runs with 19 and Atlanta Braves OF Justin Upton leads with 14 in the National League. Those two would be clear cuts (presently) to be invited to participate in the Home Run Derby. But there are a variety of deserving individuals who deserve the opportunity and some surprising candidates as well.

One player who thinks he deserves a shot is Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander. Seriously. Verlander jokingly tweeted on Friday, "What if?" with a link to where fans can submit their wishful submissions for the 2013 Home Run Derby. And if that wasn't great enough, he also accompanied the tweet with a new Twitter avatar, a photo of him batting.

Would you like to see Verlander in the Home Run Derby? Comment below.