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Karstens' just one of many creative contracts

BRADENTON, Fla. -- General manager Neal Huntington showed his negotiating creativity in drawing up the contract that got left-hander Francisco Liriano in the fold after he'd broken his right arm, making the most of a $12.75 million package (including an option for 2014) that is dependent on Liriano staying off the disabled list with that specific injury.

Huntington has been similarly creative in drawing up terms for some other players with specific areas of concern.

• Right-hander Jeff Karstens, who had been projected to get a salary of $3.8 million through arbitration, was instead nontendered because injuries limited him to 90 2/3 innings in 2012. Karstens was eventually re-signed for a guaranteed $2.5 million, but he can earn another $1 million if he stays healthy enough to pitch 200 innings.

Karstens would get bonuses of $100,000 at 150 and 160 innings pitched, $175,000 at 170 and 180 innings, and $225,000 at 190 and 200 innings.

• First baseman Gaby Sanchez is the only one of the four Pirates who went through the arbitration process to settle for a contract ($1,750,000) that includes incentives for plate appearances at 425, 475 and 525, with a bonus of $25,000 at each stage.

• Left-hander Jonathan Sanchez signed a Minor League contract that would pay him $1,375,000 if he makes the Bucs. In addition, he could earn up to another $750,000 in bonuses based on a complex points system based on appearances (three points) of two-plus innings (two points) or of fewer than two innings (one point).

Sanchez would earn $75,000 for 42, 48 and 54 points; $125,000 for 60, 66 and 72 points; and $150,000 for 78 points.

In addition, the southpaw, in camp as a non-roster invitee, can request his release on March 24 if he has not been added to the Major League roster by then.

• The contract of non-roster outfielder Brad Hawpe calls for a moderate $800,000 if he makes the Majors but includes a $600,000 incentive package for plate appearances, kicking in at 200 and maxing out at 500.

Hawpe, too, can request his release if not added to the big league roster, by March 26 in his case.