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Johnny 5 is Alive and Throwing in Philly

BLOGS FROM THE CAVE: Johnny 5 is alive and throwing in Philly

I was disturbed when I first saw Terminator and again when I saw The Matrix. The sentiment of both films is that the technology we are creating will one day decide it has no need for the human race and will try to eradicate us….that’s freaky. I’m not cool with it. I say maybe we should be careful not to make our robots too smart. Let’s stick to sweet and informative robots like R2D2 and C3PO. Sound like a plan? Good.

Now when it comes to our national pastime I say absolutely No robots or droids ! To me, Baseball is so great because of the human element involved. However, I might make an exception to my no robot rule.Case in point: The PhillieBot.

I'm glad the machine doesn't throw two hundred miles per hour -- The Doc and Cliff don’t have to worry about their jobs. However, the Philly Phanatic may be in trouble. If this “PhillieBot” catches on, that green, ATV-riding goofball could find himself manning the zamboni at Flyers games or trying to hit a give away half court shot for the 76ers at halftime.

Don't get me wrong, robots can be cool. Robots that want to take us all out of the picture are so not. Good luck, PhilllieBot. And don’t throw wild, they WILL boo you.