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Weiss preaching toughness to Rockies

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Manager Walt Weiss played for the Rockies when they were known as the Blake Street Bombers. With Dante Bichette in camp as hitting coach, Vinny Castilla helping out as a special front-office assistant and Eric Young working as a special instructor, there are plenty of reminders of the old days.

But Weiss is offering his new squad a new identity.

"Just in the meetings that we've had, I like the terminology that he's using, and the attitude that he's bringing, him, Dante and the staff, will be extremely beneficial to us," veteran right fielder-first baseman Michael Cuddyer said. "We've got to have that mindset that we're going to go out and dominate.

"'Blake Street Bullies' is the terminology that he's using, going out and bullying people -- aggressive baserunning, that type of stuff. A lot of terminology they're using is geared toward being aggressive, not passive."

Weiss figures getting a team to think tough is a step toward playing that way. Coors Field can be a tough place for opponents, and Weiss wants a team that offers reminders of how difficult it is.

"Regardless of what sport you're playing, I don't care if it's golf or tennis, if you don't have an aggressive mindset it's very difficult to be successful at the elite level or professional level," Weiss said. "Take advantage of the home-field advantage that we have.

"For us to win a division, you've got to be around 50 wins at home. You look at our lineup and there are some pieces there. There's power up and down the lineup. It's tough for an opposing pitcher. There are no breaks in the lineup. Regardless who wins a job here or there, it's going to be a lineup that's tough to pitch to."