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Manny is Still Being Manny in Taiwan

Remember the good old days when Manny Ramirez would do something head scratching and we could collectively say, “It's just Manny being Manny?” Well, fire up those vocal chords because I am happy to tell you that Manny is indeed still being Manny.

Playing in Taiwan, he’s become the star player of the EDA Rhino’s and remains the quirky character that he once was. He recently belted a home run and the announcers went nuts. That wasn’t the interesting part, though. After he blasted the ball into the stands, Manny trotted around the bases at an unusually slow rate, taking 30 seconds to finally reach home plate. For reference, the average home run trot in the Majors is around 21 seconds. All together now everybody, “It's just Manny being Manny."