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Matt Cain Should Start the All-Star Game for the N.L.

Now that the 2012 MLB All-Star Game rosters have been announced, everyone is wondering who the starting pitchers will be. Personally, I am excited to learn which pitcher will get the nod in the National League. The amount of great pitchers baseball has right now is mad, and the NL in particular is just stacked with talented hurlers who have dominant stuff. Between the man with the impossible knuckleball, R.A. Dickey, Mr. Perfect, Matt Cain, and the strikeout king Stephen Strasburg, NL manager Tony LaRussa cannot go wrong. Alas, there can only be one, and I think it should be... *makes drumroll noises.*


Whew, huge shocker, right? Well, let me give you three quick reasons why.

1. Buster Posey. How cool would it be to have a starting BATTERY? They’ve been through everything together: WS run, perfect game, straight awesomeness day in and day out. Why not start the All-Star Game together?

2. Like I said before. This the year of the Cain. I mean, we call him Matt “Perfect” Cain for a reason. #PerfectCain

3. When FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal announced what his roster would be, I think he said it best. He said what would be better, and more threatening, than a Cain and Strassy knuckle sandwich? He is correct. My legs are shaking for the AL while imagining a Cain, Dickey, Strasburg line-up.

Honestly, all three guys are well deserving of the honor. The NL is looking great right now, and I can’t wait until this game is underway. Let's go National League. Let's get that home field advantage!