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Marcum missing changeup in spring opener

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Shaun Marcum may have served up a two-run homer Saturday in his spring debut, but more vexing for the right-hander was the lack of feel for his changeup.

"It's a good thing it's Spring Training, and we can get out to the bullpen on Monday and keep working on it, and improve it and get better each time out," Marcum said after giving up three runs in two innings against the Nationals. "The changeup is my main pitch. That's definitely a feel pitch for me, so I throw it more than I throw anything else during the spring."

Marcum said he typically does not even use any of his breaking balls until his third or fourth start, relying on a fastball-changeup combination in the interim. Once he has established command of his signature pitch, Marcum begins working in his entire repertoire.

"If I feel like I can throw my fastball and changeup where I want to," Marcum said. "My breaking balls come pretty easy for me."