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Mike Napoli Reaches Out to Crying Fan

People are pretty great sometimes. To those who say society is corrupt, money rules the world and we’re going to be damned when the Four Horsemen come riding into town, I say, “Ye of little faith.”

Of course there is awfulness in the world. There will always be awfulness, but I strongly believe that for every evil act, there is a wealth of good. Good is always better when the bad is there to balance it out.

The world of sports shows the human condition better than any other. In sports, we see every aspect of life: victory, heartbreak, tragedy, life and death. When those aspects become evident, namely the negative ones, the sports world rallies together and proves that people are full of love and support.

Which brings us to Cade Johnson.

Cade, who is five years old, had his young heart broken when his father informed him his favorite player, Mike Napoli, was no longer a Texas Ranger, but a member of the Boston Red Sox. Napoli played the last two years in Texas before free agency landed him in Beantown.

Cade wanted none of this. The viral video of Cade crying caught enough attention to where Mike Napoli found out. Napoli proceeded to prove to the world that not all athletes are money hungry, evil humans, and that people are inherently good. He sent Cade two signed jerseys with a note that read,

“I didn’t like seeing you cry in the video, so I hope these two autographed game jerseys will make you smile. From one catcher to the other, Mike”

Sports do hurt one’s soul a lot, but they also bring people together to celebrate the large victories in life, as well as the small ones. Cade says that he is now a Red Sox fan, which unfortunately means this won’t be the first time he cries over sports. But for now, Cade’s all smiles.