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MLB Fan Cave Interview: Jim Edmonds

Postseason legend Jim Edmonds talks about two of his former teams, the Brewers and the Cardinals, currently playing each other in the NLCS, pitchers he’d rather not face and how he’s enjoying his retirement being a family man.

MLB Fan Cave (MLBFC): What was the favorite catch of your career, to you personally? There was the '04 NLCS, and you had a lot of great ones with the Angels too.

Jim Edmonds (JE): I think the one in Anaheim in '97, and the one probably in the postseason in '04. They've got to be the two biggest ones. They're probably two of my favorites.

MLBFC: What was the team or the city you enjoyed playing for the most?

JE: I'd have to say St. Louis. I spent so much time there, and it's pretty much my home now. It was clearly the best city for me, but I really enjoyed Milwaukee and Chicago also. I just had a good time in both of those cities.

MLBFC: You’ve had some big moments in the postseason. What was the highlight of your postseason career?

JE: Playing in the postseason in so special. It took me pretty much 7 or 8 years to get there, and it lived up to everything I thought or hoped it would be. The excitement and the fans are just second to none. It's quite a dream come true, and it definitely makes the season worth it to be able to get into that in front of the whole world.

MLBFC: You were traded from the Cardinals for David Freese , who came up big the other night. Are you happy to see him do well?

JE: I think it's great. I know him personally really well. I worked out with him in the offseason. I'm really happy for him, he's a great kid. He's got a bright future.

MLBFC: Who was the most talented teammate you played with?JE: You know, there were so many great players. I would be disrespectful to not mention a lot of them, so that's a hard question. Albert [Pujols] is a great hitter. I think Ryan Braun is super talented. I think he's about as good as there is out there right now. There are so many guys, but that's just off the top of my head.

MLBFC: Tonight, Gallardo and Carpenter, go at it. Who do you think has the edge? You want to make a prediction?

JE: No, I don't. The difference each night is whatever pitcher is on that night has the best chance to win. It's always an awesome thing to watch and see what team is clicking that night, or which pitcher is on his game that night. That's usually the team that wins.

MLBFC: Who was the toughest pitcher you faced?

JE: It wasn't fun to face Roger Clemens, or Randy Johnson, or any of those guys. But any given night, any pitcher that's on his game, can give you fits. And then any given night, a guy can be having a bad day, and the ball looks like a beach ball. It's different night to night.

MLBFC: Lot of questions from Cards fans about the '06 postseason run. What was your favorite memory from that team specifically?

JE: Oh, winning the World Series in general. The whole postseason is just special. It's a lot of fun to come together with a group of guys and be able to do something like that. A special team will never go away.

MLBFC: What are you up to now? And do you miss playing? Especially watching postseason action.

JE: I'm really not up to nothing. I'm just trying to be a dad, and playing a little golf. Just trying to heal up from Achilles surgery, and that's about it. Just kind of laying low, trying to relax, and stay away from everything.

MLBFC: How did you like playing for Tony La Russa?

JE: He's a great manager and he made me grow up a lot and teach me the game.

MLBFC: Have you communicated with any of the Cardinals' young players? And do you see in the future going into coaching and working with young hitters?

JE: I talk to people. I talk to Albert a lot, but I don't see myself getting into coaching anytime soon. There are a lot of opportunities out there to do stuff, and traveling and being part of a traveling show is not what I'm looking for right now. I'm trying to slow down a little bit, and become a dad again.