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MLB, union release annual drug testing results

The annual report from Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program's Independent Program administrator was released on Friday.

The report, from Dr. Jeffrey M. Anderson, was issued jointly by MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association and covers the period from the beginning of the 2011-12 offseason through the end of the 2012 postseason.

A total of 5,136 samples -- 3,955 urine tests and 1,181 blood tests -- were collected and analyzed during the time period. Eighteen of the results were positive and resulted in discipline. Seven were for performance-enhancing substances, including four for testosterone and one each for Clenbuterol, Clostebol and Tamoxifen. Eleven were for stimulants, 10 for Adderall and one for d-amphetamine.

There were 119 Therapeutic Use Exemptions granted for Attention Deficit Disorder (116), Hypertension (2) and Hypogonadism (1).

The joint program requires a public disclosure to be issued by Dec. 1 each year.

Paul Hagen is a reporter for