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MLB Records That Have Only Happened Once

1. While the New York Yankees pulled off a triple play earlier in the 2013 season, the Minnesota Twins hold the record of recording two triple plays in a single game. This came against the Red Sox on July 17, 1990.

2. While Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Dave Stieb lost no hitters during the ninth inning in consecutive starts in 1988, Cincinnati Reds starter Johnny Vander Meer completed back-to-back no-hitters on June 11 and June 15, 1938. Vander Meer is still the only player to ever throw consecutive no-hitters.

3. On May 1, 1920, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Boston Braves played one of the longest games in MLB history. During the 26-inning game, Charlie Pick went 0-for-11 at the plate for the Braves, marking a record no one has yet surpassed (and many are probably thankful for that too!).

4. On April 23, the Upton brothers became the second set of brothers to hit back-to-back home runs (video above). Seattle Mariners Mike Cameron and Bret Boone, however, are the only duo to hit back-to-back home runs TWICE in the same inning. They did so on May 2, 2002.

5. On August 27, 1977 Texas Rangers Toby Harrah and Bump Wills became the first and only players to ever to hit back-to-back inside-the-park home runs.

Which records do you think could be broken in the near future? Comment below.