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MLBFanCave.Com Concert Series: Neon Trees

The MLB Fan Cave is pleased to welcome Neon Trees as the next artist in the 2012 Concert series. Neon Trees will play an exclusive live set on Tuesday, August 28, beginning at 5:00pm.

The performance is open to the public and fans are encouraged to come down to the MLB Fan Cave (corner of 4th and Broadway) for the chance to see the set. Please note that space is limited.

About Neon Trees:

“Animal” the first single from the Neon Trees 2010 debut album "Habits" was a double platinum single. Taylor Swift and Train both covered the song and it was named the Top Alternative Song of 2011 by Billboard – it even showed up on a Glee episode.

“Picture Show”, released in April 17, was produced by Justin Meldal-Johnson, who’s worked with Nine Inch Nails, Beck, and M83, amongst others. “It was a great experience. We really connected,” Tyler says. “Justin’s from the same world, musically. I’d be talking about the feeling of a Teenage Fanclub song that came out in 1992 or a moment in a Pulp song and he’d know exactly what I meant.”Neon Trees have SoCal roots, but the band came together eight years ago when Tyler and his neighbor, guitarist Chris Allen, relocated to Provo, Utah, and hooked up with Elaine Bradley (drums) and bassist Branden Campbell. They still live in Provo, although Tyler describes the Neon Trees as “citizens of the world.” They’ve been traveling so much that home has become a foreign concept.

In addition to doing time in New York and Los Angeles, the Neon Trees have done more than 220 shows in the United States,Europe, Asia, Canada, and the UK. They’ve played with the Killers (who were instrumental in getting them signed), My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, and, most recently, Neon Trees did an arena tour with Duran Duran. They’ve also performed on Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, Letterman and Leno.

Tyler sums up the Neon Trees best by saying, “There’s an idea that rock and roll is about debauchery and drugs but that’s not the spirit of rock and roll. That’s acting rock and roll. That’s lifestyle. The spirit of rock and roll is in the music, and Neon Trees is rock and roll.”

To find out more about the Neon Trees check out their website here.