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My Reaction to Yu Darvish's Near Perfecto

Dear Rangers fans,

It’s 2:00AM as I start to write this post. I am beyond exhausted from the emotions of the last two days in New York but I cannot fall asleep. What just happened?

The MLB Fan Cave Dwellers were ready to explode. We were bouncing around as we watched Yu Darvish hit the mound for the bottom of the ninth. One out. Two outs. And then that fatal single up the middle between his legs.


My body fell to the ground in disbelief. But one thing I did remember in that moment was looking around at my fellow dwellers all on the ground with me. That a Blue Jays, Red Sox, Indians, Mets, Dodgers, White Sox, Reds and even an Angels fan shared these same emotions with me (well some more than others).

It is a strange feeling to feel sad after a win but the love of the game was evident in the cave. It’s obviously not the outcome I wanted but it’ll be a night I won’t forget.

Man, I love baseball.