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Nick Swisher Wears Brohio Shirt

Who is more bro than Nick Swisher? Nobody, bro. And he proved that when he busted out a BRO-H-I-O t-shirt Monday on Intentional Talk.

While the 30 MLB Fan Cave finalists were waiting to learn our fate in early March, we found a great way to pass the time. Baseball bros.

We started with regular baseball bros like Bro Mauer, Brohan Santana and Sergio Bromo. That snowballed into more bad puns - baseball cookies (Pecan Sandy Koufax), baseball ice cream (Fro-Yo-vanni Gallardo) and baseball trees (Kevin Eucalyptus). Baseball mattresses even made a cameo (Sleep Humber Bed).

But I digress.

Even though you can't make his name into a bro pun, Nick Swisher earned ultimate baseball bro status by rocking that shirt.

Congrats, bro!