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Oct. 10 Coco Crisp and Seth Smith postgame interview

Q.  Coco, how do you sum up what happened tonight?  Seems like an extension of what you guys have been doing all season.

COCO CRISP:  Yeah, it's amazing.  The guys in front of me obviously did a fantastic job of getting on base.  Redd came up huge.  You know, we try to keep his head in the game and he's been battling the whole series, just hitting balls hard, just hasn't exactly been falling for him.  He's been doing a good job of keeping his head in the game.  J.D., obviously big hit.  Smitty sitting next to me, huge hit, was able to give me the opportunity to come up there and do something magical.

But this club, we've been battling the whole year, giving a hundred percent, and these walk‑offs have been our MO this year.

Q.  Seth, could you describe the AB against Valverde?

SETH SMITH:  It was really loud.  My ears were hurting a little bit.  Fastball away off the plate.  Another fastball off the plate that I swung at.  And then another fastball that I was able to get the barrel to.

Q.  Bob said a few minutes ago that there's nobody he'd rather see in that situation than Coco.  When you don't need a home run, you need a base hit to win the game, is that pretty much what the rest of the dugout thinks?

SETH SMITH:  I don't know if I should be offended about that or not.

No, he comes through every time.  Or it seems like in the clutch.  When we need a big hitter or walk‑off hit, I don't know if it's 3rd or 4th or 5th.  There's no doubt he's going to get things done.

Q.  For both of you guys, we've been hearing this phrase, "Oakland magic."  In your own words, what is Oakland magic?

COCO CRISP:  Well, I guess, you know, our mentality as a ballclub is just go out there and play as hard as you can.  And we don't really worry about the results.  We have a great mentality of separating each game, win or loss.

I guess to say the Oakland magic, our mentality is just that, you know.  I don't really know how to describe the "magic" word.  But when you go out there and give it your all, more times than not, good results will happen.

SETH SMITH:  Yeah, at some point it's got to be just good baseball.  There's no magic recipe or anything like that.  We go out there and we play hard, and carefree and get the job done, and that's how we go about it.  There's nothing going on in the clubhouse or anything crazy like that.  We go out and play the game the way it's supposed to be played.

Q.  You were down most of the game, looked like you guys were getting beat by their pitching the whole game.  But entering the 9th, knowing your history, is all of this on purpose?  Were you guys trying to be down in the 9th?

COCO CRISP:  I think so, what do you think, definitely?

SETH SMITH:  Definitely.  We nailed it.

COCO CRISP:  We have to keep everybody on edge to pull off something magical.  Their pitching staff is great.  We go out and battle and give it our all.  They've been playing well, and they played a great series.

SETH SMITH:  Their pitching staff is good, and our offense is hit or miss for a lot of the games, and you don't know when the big hit is going to come.  But it seems like more often than not that they come.  It's a testament to our pitching staff that they keep us in our game late.

Q.  Seth, I was coming downstairs, I'm sorry if this was asked already.  Were you thinking two right out of the box when you hit that?

SETH SMITH:  Yeah, I was just happy I hit it to begin with, and I was running, I wasn't sure what angle Jackson was going to take to get it.  I'm used to playing at Coors ‑‑ I played in Coors where you go to second on everything, the outfield is so big.  So my mentality regardless just from that is go, until you can't go anymore.  So, yeah, I was thinking two out of the box.

Q.  This is what you guys wanted when you came back here Sunday night.  What now?

COCO CRISP:  Well, obviously we're going to go out and just give it a hundred percent.  I think that's been our mentality the whole year.  You know, the results for our season have been fantastic, and got us to this point.  I don't think we should change anything.  Just keep it loose, have a lot of fun and give it a hundred percent.  Whatever the results are going to be, win or loss, obviously we'd love a win, but whatever the results are I think we can live with ourselves because we do give it a hundred percent.