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Oct. 10: M. Cain pregame interview

Q.  Assuming there is a Game 5 tomorrow and you're starting it, what's going to be the mindset preparing for your first postseason elimination game?  In 2010 you pitched well and nobody had to face an elimination game, so talk about your mental preparation going into that?

MATT CAIN:  I think the biggest thing is I will try to go into it like a normal start, but in the back of your mind you're thinking it's an elimination game, one of us could go home.  But the biggest thing is we have to get to tomorrow and I have to worry about that then.

Q.  Now that you have had a few days removed from that start, I know that you think you didn't pitch too poorly, when you look at it, anything you could have done differently that day?  Anything you will do differently tomorrow?

MATT CAIN:  Yeah, the biggest thing is I try to make as few mistakes as you can make.  I made more mistakes than even showed up.  I think I may have been overanxious, going out there, with the first game being at home.

I think I will try to think back to other starts and be more calm and relaxed and worried about making good pitches instead of just going out there and maybe firing up there and just try to make less mistakes and minimize the damage.

Q.  Would you mind comparing this postseason team to your 2000 postseason team?

MATT CAIN:  2000?

Q.  2010, sorry.  You weren't around then.

MATT CAIN:  The team from 2010 to this team now?  I think the biggest thing with those two teams, it's really the same, we have a lot of determination in the clubhouse.  That year we went down to the wire with everything, and this year we had some time to relax with a week and a half left.

But we've still got that same determination in the clubhouse.  We want to win.  Everybody has that big drive to not want to get sent home.  We're trying to do everything we can and I think that showed up last night.

Q.  You have seen Zito go through tough times.  How big of a moment do you think this is for him to pitch in a fairly large game for him?

MATT CAIN:  You know, this is great for him.  This is something that he lives for.  He's always been the guy that wants the ball in the big games, and this is going to show up for him.  He's a guy that's wanted to take on that challenge his whole career, and he's done that since he's been here.  He hasn't backed down from anything that has ever come up on him and I think that shows what kind of a person he is and what kind of an athlete he is.

Q.  One thing in common between this year's team and the 2010 team, the starting pitching staff has been so healthy.  Is there anything in particular that you guys think you have done to keep you guys in both those seasons?

MATT CAIN:  Staying healthy?  I don't know exactly.  Sometimes it's luck that guys can stay healthy all year, sometimes you can't help little things that happen throughout the season, but I think this group of starting staff has a good repertoire of staying on a good routine. 

The trainers are on top of us about staying on our routine, and guys take advantage of learning what they can do to make themselves -- you know, the longevity of the season and try to help themselves throughout the end of the season.

I think we're always trying to find ways to stay healthy and that's a good thing.  Guys aren't set on what they have done in the years past.

Q.  You didn't give up an earned run in the 2010 postseason.  In a weird way is it easier to have that past you now, giving up those earned runs in Game 1?

MATT CAIN:  No, you want to go out there and have good starts, and you would love to keep a streak like that going and I think that's the goal every time is to throw up a bunch of zeros, but sometimes it changes and you gotta work with it.

Q.  Good chance you will face Latos tomorrow.  Have you heard any talk in the clubhouse at all because of his success, because of the personality he has, we just can't let this guy get in our heads?  Maybe that might have happened a couple of times?

MATT CAIN:  Have I heard what?

Q.  Any talk among the players saying we can't let this guy get into our heads?

MATT CAIN:  No, no, I haven't heard anything like that.