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Oct. 10 Mat Latos postgame interview

Q. Obviously everything on the line tomorrow. How do you go about it?

MAT LATOS: Pitch the way I've been pitching all year.

Q. Physically, how are you feeling about tomorrow?

MAT LATOS: I feel great. Everything feels fine.

Q. If somebody asked you this, I'm sorry, but this is probably going to be the largest game in your life and do you relish the opportunity and what's your mindset going into it?

MAT LATOS: It's another game. It's a team that I'm comfortable with, a team that I've faced before.

Q. Do you draw any comparisons between tomorrow and the last day of the regular season 2010 with San Diego?

MAT LATOS: 2010 was in 2010. 2012 is a little different, it's two years ago, so...

Q. With the uncertainty of who was going to pitch the last couple of days has that affected your routine at all?

MAT LATOS: No, it hasn't. I've taken it easy and done some light workout and stuff to prepare for either today or tomorrow.

Q. You guys have suffered a lot. Joey got hurt. The resiliency of this team, can you speak to that and what you have overcome?

MAT LATOS: Yeah, Joey went down and Madson went down and we just fight. We know what we're capable of and we go out there every day and fight.

Q. How much do you channel your previous success against the Giants when you go out to the mound with the confidence level?

MAT LATOS: I'm just looking at it as another start. I just got to go out there and pitch my game.