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Oct. 10 Quintin Berry & Andy Dirks pregame interview

Q. Andy, looking back on your catch last night it looked like you were able to get a good read on it. How much of an adjustment did you have to make? Were you sure the whole way that you had that one?

ANDY DIRKS: The ball was hit in the corner. Playing the corner outfield they hook and slice a little bit more. Left handed hitter when you're playing leftfield, it's going to slice a little bit more, you try to stay inside the ball as much as you can. I had a pretty good bead on it, and I knew if I could get to the spot before it beat me I was probably going to catch it.

Q. For both players, with runs being so scarce in this series, how important is it for even if you have to manufacture runs early on in this game?

ANDY DIRKS: Anytime you can get a run it's good; early, late, whenever. You've got to take them when you can get them. They've been at a premium this series so far. And we're doing whatever we can out there. Sometimes we might need a bunt to get a guy over, even advancing a runner, doing whatever you need to do to try to get as many runners in scoring position as possible. Whether you get on by walking or whatever it is. Every baserunner that's on base has a potential to score a run. With the way it's been, every run is a good run.

QUINTIN BERRY: I think he pretty much said it. The good thing about our lineup is we have a lot of guys that can play small ball, between Infante, Dirks and me, and guys that can bunt in certain situations. Seems like it's getting to the point where that's going to be more and more important.

We're not looking for the long ball as much right now with the way things are going. We've got a lot of guys in this lineup that can do it. We've got Santiago on the bench who can come in and put a bunt down and Jackson who can steal a bag. All those things are going to come into play and be important for us to get an advantage in this series and that's what we're looking to do.

Q. How different is it playing in the Coliseum when in the regular season you have 10,000 or 12,000 fans as opposed to last night with a sellout; how different is the environment?

ANDY DIRKS: It's completely different. This stadium is built for baseball and football both. You got the loud speakers going and the place gets rowdy. They got good fans here. It's a fun atmosphere to play in I think for both sides. For me, personally, I enjoy it a lot. When the fans are into it the whole game, every pitch means something, it's exciting baseball.

Q. Quintin, now that you're starting to see consistent at bats and playing time against right handers, do you feel your confidence building and how much is that knowing that you have consistency improving your play?

QUINTIN BERRY: Yeah, the more you get out there the more confidence and more comfortable you become. So I definitely feel better about my situation now that I'm out there on a regular basis. And also I take pride in the fact that Skip has given me that opportunity, the opportunity to come in and try to help the team.

No matter what it is, not really looking at trying to get hits as much as I am to do something to help the team win right now is my main focus. As long as I'm doing that, I've just got to try to do my job.

Q. Andy, we've heard stories about how the fans especially in the outfield can kind of get on some of the corner outfielders and you can really hear them. Did you notice them last night and was there any interaction?

ANDY DIRKS: I tell you the biggest difference, and when you notice individual people the most is when there's not many people at the game. Traditionally you come here and like you said, 10,000 people, and a lot of them sitting behind home plate. And you'll have a hundred people behind you. And there are always a few guys you can hear. And when the crowd is going, it's like a constant noise, you can't pick out what people are saying. And that's a big difference.

That's why I think I enjoy it more. You don't have to sit and get ragged on. That's part of the game. I don't let that bug me, that's been part of the game for a long time. Part of that is enjoyable, too. People come out and they want to root their team on and they're going to bag on the opposing team. That's the nature of the game. And it makes it fun for me as a player sometimes to get bagged on, actually.

But in this atmosphere, you don't deal with that because there's so much noise from the entire crowd, you can't pinpoint those few people, like traditionally here you've got five guys behind you talking to you the whole game. But not in this situation.