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Oct. 10 Tim Lincecum and Angel Pagan postgame interview

Q. Tim, obviously Boch didn't give you a start in this series because you didn't come up to whatever level he wanted, and then today you pitched really well. Did you understand why you pitched well, or is it something you did differently, or is it just one of those things?

TIM LINCECUM: Right now I feel like the times are different. We're playing for a different reason than just the season, to get to the NLCS and further, so I feel with that motivation it helps to get into those situations and not think about the difference of starting and being in a bullpen situation. It's just that I've got to get my outs and do my job.

Q. Can you describe -- second one is I saw you guys do a scrum before the game. Is that something you have been doing all season?

ANGEL PAGAN: The first one got bumped up because we understand the situation we're in. It's win or go home. We're here to give it all in the field, obviously we have some runs early in the ballgame, and that's good enough for our pitching staff to cruise and Hunter made that up to gather around and get pumped up and go out there with the best attitude we can have.

Q. Is that new for the playoffs?

TIM LINCECUM: Just started a couple of days ago.

Q. After you were down?

ANGEL PAGAN: Yeah, just started here.

Q. Angel, given that you didn't know you were going to be pitching until late last night or today, what did that do for your preparation?

ANGEL PAGAN: We had an idea who they could have, and Mike Leake was the number 1 guy we had in our heads and after the game and today when we got here we got ready for whoever and we knew it could be Mike Leake or Latos, depends on what Dusty said. But we were ready for anything.

Q. Angel, you're in center field and you're behind Tim watching him pitch, when you saw him work today, what did you see?

ANGEL PAGAN: It was unbelievable to watch him go out there and do what he do best. It was fun to watch. He was always ready. Like you said, he never got a start in the playoffs, but he was always ready to come through and tonight was his night. It was fun to watch.

Q. Tim, to watch the postgame, the offense wasn't great last night and to see the offense tonight and the pitching coming through, do you feel like as a team you're hitting on all cylinders right now?

TIM LINCECUM: Yeah, we have some hiccups, but the idea is to win and if that means winning with a big pitching staff or with 10 guys off the bench, we're here to leave it on the field, like Pagan said.

Q. Tim, I've watched you work for years and sometimes it seems to me -- and I'm not sure about this, that you think a lot and get to thinking too much and sometimes you just throw the ball. Does that resonate?

TIM LINCECUM: Yeah, definitely, I made mention of just coming out of the bullpen and knowing your role and you don't have to pace yourself through a certain amount of innings, you're just here to get outs until they tell me you're done, and so like I said, to be able to go in the stretch and think about where I want to throw it as opposed to how I'm going to get it there, that's easier for me.

Q. Are you available tomorrow?

TIM LINCECUM: If they need me, yeah.

ANGEL PAGAN: All right, baby!

Q. Were you surprised about what you did today? Did you surprise yourself at all?

TIM LINCECUM: I wouldn't say surprised, you kind of go out there with that expectation of doing well, and when things go well you think this is the way it should be, and if things go well I'll just do that more often.

Q. Are you enjoying the fact that a lot of people did bury you, and now you get this point, is that a little bit of feeling of momentum?

TIM LINCECUM: Definitely, I feel like the momentum that we started was having Hunter, and he's been doing his motivational speeches. They are extremely inspiring. They raise us up, and they bring us together at the same time.

Like I said, it's not about going out there as individuals, as Angel Pagan and myself and Hunter, it's just going out and doing what we got to do to win. And the last two games it's been about scratching and leaving it on the field like we said.

ANGEL PAGAN: He said it all, thanks to Hunter. He inspired us to go out there and be positive and bring the best we can bring, you know, and that's what we have shown. We have shown that there is no tomorrow. This is today, and thanks to the win today there will be a tomorrow. We are ready for that.