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Oct. 11 Jayson Werth postgame interview

Q. Can you take us through that 14 pitch at bat at the end?

JAYSON WERTH: He's tough. We've faced him a lot over September, and in the series. So I knew what he had. But I think he threw a hook, 2 2 to get to 3 2 and I figured from then I wasn't going to get off the heater, fouled a couple more off and finally got one to hit.

Q. What was it you finally got and were you looking for a specific pitch when you got it?

JAYSON WERTH: It was fastball. He's got a good fastball. Like I said but after that 2 2 hook, it was pretty close. After that, I was on the heater.

Q. After yesterday, a second straight eight run loss, you said, "I like our chances." Where did that come from? What made you like your chances?

JAYSON WERTH: Doesn't matter how much you lose or how much you lose by, it's 0 0 starting the game the next day. I just knew the type of mentality our club has, and the guys, they bring it every day. I knew that wasn't going to get them down.

You know, our fans have been great. They have been showing up in record numbers, and when I signed here, my first day here, I went to a Capitols game, a hockey game, which the place was packed. Somebody said, "just a few short years ago, this place was empty." So I knew that a winning ballclub would bring the fans, and here we are, two years later and they're showing up and it's awesome.

Q. You and Raul Ibañez are pretty close and you were teammates and you guys just had very similar moments within the space of 24 hours. I know you're focused on your team, but did you stop and think about that at all?

JAYSON WERTH: Yeah, absolutely. I watched all the games last night and the walk offs, and baseball this time of year is the best time for sports. I love October baseball. But I was sitting at home and watching the Yankee game, and I saw what Raul did, and I probably texted him 20 times last night congratulating him, and that was awesome.

You know, here we are a day later and I got an opportunity and came through. Raul is a quality human being and it couldn't happen to a better person.

Q. Must be a great feeling; how does this compare to some of the other big hits in your career?

JAYSON WERTH: You know, I can't even remember any of the other ones right now. This one's pretty fresh. This is, given the situation, you know, definitely pretty big.

Q. You played in Game 5s and Game 7s before; what is different about them, if anything, and what can the crowd expect, in a city that has not hosted one before?

JAYSON WERTH: It will be a lot like today. It's what it's all about. It's what you play all season for and what you work out all winter for and what you get to spring training early for. We have a chance tomorrow to take that next step.

I know my teammates will be ready and the city will, too.

Q. Along the same lines, people were standing for innings at a time. Was this a different feel from other games, here?

JAYSON WERTH: Yeah, I mean, the last two games were the place was packed. I don't think it it hasn't been packed. We've sold out, but it wasn't like it was. You know, a lot of the times, it's a little mix of some of our fans and some of the other team's fans. Today it seemed like the last two days, it was all our fans.

You know, hopefully they will show up again tomorrow and we'll do it again.

Q. About a month ago against Florida, the big rain delay, a thousand people left in the ballpark and a game tying home run; the difference in the environment how crazy was it? Just the noise level

JAYSON WERTH: I didn't hear a thing. It was pretty quiet to me. You know, I had an at bat like that in 2010 off Drew; I hit a home run. He was one of the first people to come grab me. He told me that was familiar he said something, but he was looking back to that moment. I think he said he knew it was going to happen, so it was a special moment for sure.

Q. Can you just talk a little about the job that Ross Detwiler did today, the No. 4 starter, maybe with all of the media scrutiny of him starting instead of Strasburg?

JAYSON WERTH: Yeah, media can say whatever they want. We know the type of guy Ross is and what he brings to the team. I said yesterday, I felt good about where we were at. I felt like Ross would handle business and we have Gio going tomorrow.

Ball's in our court. We've got a chance. We've got a chance to win the series tomorrow. What a difference a day makes. I know we are going to come in ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Of those 20 texts you sent to Raul last night, did you ever get one back?

JAYSON WERTH: Yeah, I got quite a few back actually. I think when I checked my phone on the way in here, he sent me like four or five. So you know, you create these bonds with these guys you play with and you spend so much time with these people; this team that we've got here is as close knit group as I've ever played with. We've got great team chemistry and it's a great place to come to the park every day. We have a great support staff and just the organization from top to bottom; this is a great place to play.

Q. To the young gentleman, you saw Pops hit a homer, what do you have to say about that?

JACKSON WERTH: I thought it was amazing to see him hit a walk off home run, and, um yeah. (Laughter.)