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Oct. 11 Nate Mclouth pregame interview

Q. How easy or difficult was it to kind of put last night behind you and bounce back and show up today ready to play?

NATE McLOUTH:  That was a tough one, there's no doubt about that.  But I think kind of one of the trademarks of this team, ever since I've been here anyways, has been to move past difficult games and adverse situations like that.  I think that once we got back    once I got back to the hotel, I'll speak for myself, I had kind of moved on to today's game.  It was dramatic to say the least, but I don't think it'll affect our performance at all today.

Q.  You're having a real nice postseason.  In fact, you have more hits in the postseason than A Rod.  If someone had told you that a couple of months ago, would you have believed it?

NATE McLOUTH:  I think I would have hoped for it.  I don't know if I would have believed it.  But I've been happy with my at bats this postseason, and I've had a little bit to show for it.  I think that if I continue to do that, if we continue to do that, we're going to have some guys that are ready to break out, and hopefully that can happen tonight.

Q.  How much did the experience in Texas, with the do or die situation, how much do you think that prepares you guys for today?

NATE McLOUTH:  I think a lot, because those    I think the only way to become comfortable in those situations is to have experienced it.  And that was kind of weird to have the first game of the playoffs be a do or die game, but that's exactly what it was.  I didn't sense any nerves or any apprehension by anybody, especially Joe.  He pitched in that situation and did well. I think we'll be able to kind of use that mentality to our advantage tonight.

Q.  We've heard a lot all year about how resilient the Orioles are and what a gritty, determined team the Orioles are.  What makes it like that in your mind?

NATE McLOUTH:  I think Buck has a lot to do with that, the way he handles himself during the game, and whether things are going good or whether they're not going so good, I think he does a good job of just bringing a stable, calm presence to the dugout.  And to see that from your leader, I think that kind of rubs off on people, and kind of helps us be the same way.

Q.  What's it like for you to be here in the middle of October after what you have gone through?

NATE McLOUTH:  It's pretty special, and I think that's something I'll be able to kind of personally reflect on a little bit more once we're done, which is hopefully not for a little while here. But it kind of goes to show you that in this game, if you keep at it and you keep working at it, that good things can happen.  It's special, and it's been a ton of fun.

Q.  You guys ran Joe out there in Texas, running him out there again tonight.  Is there anything about his makeup or personality that sort of suits a game like this, where it is a win or go home kind of thing?  Is there something about him that makes him well suited for a situation like this?

NATE McLOUTH:  Yeah, I think it's a veteran guy who has pitched on some good Angels teams.  He's just got a lot of moxie on the mound, and he's not afraid to pitch to contact, he's not afraid to throw strikes.  If you pitch with no fear like he does, then you're going to    you're either going to win or you're not, and he's not afraid to, like I said, pitch to contact and let his defense do the work.  But he's real composed on the mound.  I think in big games and big situations, that's as important as anything.

Q.  Wondering, we saw you in the clubhouse last night.  From that point forward do you not even talk about the game or do you hash it out on the bus or in a hotel room to get ready for tonight?  How do you guys approach that?

NATE McLOUTH:  I didn't really hear much talk after the game.  Like I said, it was obviously an extremely dramatic game.  But I think you're kind of doing yourself a disservice if you reflect too much on it, especially with a game the very next night.  But after we left the clubhouse, I didn't really hear much about it.

Q.  Kind of piggybacking on that a little bit, when you were on the road, after a game like that, do you do things differently, because I would assume normally you might watch sports shows, SportsCenter and things like that, and obviously that highlight is on there nonstop?  Or do you just try to stay in as same a routine as possible?

NATE McLOUTH:  Well, my wife is on this trip, so I can promise you we're not watching many highlights after the game, unless they show them on the Food Network. But if she wasn't here, I'd probably still    I don't watch too many highlights, but a highlight like that is kind of tough to get away from, no matter what you're watching.  But I think we stuck with Property Brothers last night, so I haven't seen the replay yet. But it's not something you want to sit there and watch 10 times in your room afterwards.