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Oct. 12 Davey Johnson postgame interview

Q.  Two things, first of all, what happened with Storen, and why did you use Edwin Jackson in that seventh inning instead of Ryan Mattheus?

DAVEY JOHNSON:  Well, I just felt like Jackson was the best choice I had to get through that part of that lineup.  He did the job for me.  He gave up a run, but he did what we needed to to get to the people we needed to get to.

And you know, the problem ‑‑ with all the adversity we've gone through this year, and then to give up that many free passes, you know, that's not the way you win ballgames.  It's a tough ‑‑ we've had a great year overcoming a lot of hardship, and to not go after them at the end was not fun to watch.

Q.  What did you tell your players after the game?

DAVEY JOHNSON:  I just told them, you know, it was nothing to hang your head about.  It was a great year.  We overcame a lot of problems.  We proved our worth and we just need to let this be a lesson and have some ‑‑ learn from it, have more resolve, come back and carry it a lot farther.

Q.  It was a great season.  What do you say to your fans who love this ballclub?

DAVEY JOHNSON:  Well, you know, I'm sorry.  We'll make it up to them next year.  It was a fun ride, a lot of character.  I really enjoyed managing them this year.

You know, I've been on the other end of the stick where just one out, and you move on.  We couldn't get it.  We had the right people there.  Just got a little too cautious.

Q.  What do you think happened to Storen?  Was he just trying to paint the corners?  What do you think happened to him?

DAVEY JOHNSON:  I think he felt like he was making good pitches, but they were missing.  I think he just tried to be too fine.  He's got a great‑moving live fastball.  Just need to throw it over.

I mean, he wasn't alone.  It seemed like Gio had the problem.  You just can't win big ballgames by giving free passes.  You've got to trust your defense behind you, go after 'em.

We've been really good all year.  Just having a little hiccup here at the end.

Q.  Is it stunning because of how well this game started?

DAVEY JOHNSON:  Yeah, you know, we know they are going to keep battling.  But we were in good position.  I mean, the guys did what they had to do to get to your closer, a couple‑run lead, and you know, tying run is up, got two outs.  You know, got to make 'em earn it, and unfortunately they did.  You learn from it.