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Oct. 13 Delmon Young and Doug Fister postgame interview


Q.  Delmon, what is it about you and this stage and New York City with six home runs overall in the postseason, but what you have done here in the postseason?

DELMON YOUNG:  I have no clue about that, just trying to have good at‑bats and win ballgames, and trying to come out with victories.  And fourth postseason, so I have a lot of games and at‑bats under my belt.  Maybe just being in here a couple of years in a row has helped.

Q.  For Delmon and then for Doug:  You had this game basically wrapped up and everybody, I think, thought it was over.  But how did you respond to the fact that things blew the way they did?

DELMON YOUNG:  We're Big Leaguers.  Things are going to happen.  The other team wants to drive Mercedes Benzes and eat Morton's, too.  They are going to go out there and put good at‑bats and hope for good things to happen.  And after it happened, we got back in to play the 10th inning.  Everyone just regrouped and basically a 0‑0 ballgame.

DOUG FISTER:  Yeah, that's exactly right.  Everybody's here playing from the first out to the last out, no matter what happens.  You know, especially now in the series.  We're here in the Championship Series.  Guys aren't going to turn over.  Guys aren't going to give up.  As long as we have one out under our belt or one out remaining, we're going to give whatever we have to to pull out a win, and that's what we did here tonight.

Unfortunately some balls don't bounce our way, sometimes we have some hard times, but that's what makes our team so special.  We come together in a hard time and we've gone through some ups and downs.  We know we can come out of it on top, and that's exactly what we have done here tonight.  We've fought, battled and luckily came out on top tonight.

Q.  Doug, where did the ball hit you?  How serious of an issue was it between innings?  Did you have to get it attended to at all?

DOUG FISTER:  I took it off the wrist, kind of in the thumb area.  But it was a little stiff, little sore, but nothing too major.  I went in and checked it out, and made sure nothing was remarkably hurt.  Put on some sleeves to keep warm, and went back out there.  We went ahead and just said, we're going to try it and long as you can go, go.  That's kind of where we are at.

Q.  Doug, talk about the defensive contributions from your team, especially Jhonny Peralta early in the game.

DOUG FISTER:  That's what was working the most tonight.  You know, Jhonny made a great play to end the inning with the bases loaded, making the backhand stop by I believe it was A‑Rod.  The diving play, throwing to second base and gets the out.  That's a huge, you know, huge inning‑ending play right there for us.  That kept our momentum going.  It kept the offense getting back up there.  Or you look at Austin Jackson running down the ball in center field up against the wall.  It's plays like that that makes a difference, and everybody is playing together.  And that's what makes us so special.

Q.  Doug, when you open up with five straight balls and a couple of walks, what is going through your mind and what adjustment did you need to make after that?

DOUG FISTER:  The adjustment that needed to be made is fine focus, getting back to basics and not worrying about anything.  Taking a couple of deep breaths.  Nothing was really going through my head at the time.  It is a matter of, let's go ahead and forget about it.  So I have runners on base now, it is a matter of let's focus on getting the ball down and let's make contact.

Q.  Delmon, take us through your two big hits.  Whether you thought the first one was going to stay fair, was it going out?  And the ball that got by Swisher.

DELMON YOUNG:  [Laughing] The first one I just was looking for a fastball, got it.  And put a swing on it and heard a good part of the bat hit it finally.  And I didn't know if it would stay high enough because of the top spin and hook on it.

And then the line drive to right, first I thought it was it was going to hook right back to him.  I don't know what happened.  Because of the series we had in Oakland where everything seemed to find leather.  I didn't have my hopes up too high, but fortunately enough it got by him and Miggy was able to score.

Q.  Either one or both of you can answer this:  But to see Derek Jeter get carried off the field, I mean, I realize you are in the heat of the moment and the game, but what did you guys, do you have any reaction to seeing a great player like that?

DOUG FISTER:  Both of us have grown up watching Derek play for many years.  Anytime anybody in the game of baseball gets hurt or anywhere, your heart goes out to them.  We never want to see anybody hurt or especially injured.  And unfortunately it happened right there at the end of the game, especially at a crucial time, just speaking in baseball game terms.  But to see a fellow ballplayer go down is not, you know, it definitely takes a hit for our game.

DELMON YOUNG:  Doug put it best.  We're all big Derek Jeter fans since we were younger.  Watching the World Series and everything from the '96 one until the recent one.  But, you know, we all grew up backyard baseball.  Wanting to win the World Series either against the Yankees or getting through the Yankees to get to the World Series.  And, you know, especially with Derek Jeter as the catalyst.

So, you know, unfortunately it happened.  We'd love to see him out playing with us and playing against him, because it is really fun playing the Yankees, especially when Derek Jeter is healthy.

Q.  Doug, in Game 5 of the LDS last year you worked through a lot of tough situations.  Did you draw back on that at all tonight?  Is there extra confidence from having done that?

DOUG FISTER:  I think at this point everything that happened for me not only in my Major League career but Minor League career going through struggles, and finding out who I feel like I am has kind of amounted to this point.  So I have drawn from it, especially tonight.  Okay, so I had some real rough innings and some times that I really needed to focus on one pitch at a time and getting that one location down.  And so tonight it just ended up working out.  I felt like I couldn't keep myself out of trouble, but luckily found ways to get out of the trouble.