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Oct. 14 Dale Scott, MLB Umpire postgame interview

DALE SCOTT: That was my mistake. I was mixing up two rules and I called time, but then it started clicking. I went wait a minute, wait a minute, there's no intent on the hitter. He's in the box, the bat's in the box. So to make sure I'm on the right page, I got everybody together and that's what we had. If there's no intent, if he's not out of the box, that throw's live. And after talking, that runner would have scored. Even if I had not called timeout, he was on his way, so we scored the run. John, of course, questioned that and was questioning what the rule is and where the bat was and where he was and all that stuff. Finally he said that he wanted to protest the game. Well, again I got together to make sure that we have the rule right. I went to a rules review on the headphones like we're supposed to do if we have a protest to double check when we take a protest and put it in the book, so to speak.

Q. So when you went to review, it was only for a rule check, not Choo's positioning?

DALE SCOTT: You can't review that. I was reviewing the rule because he was protesting. In my judgment, he was not intentionally trying to hit the throw back from the catcher and he was not out of the box, nor was his bat out of the box. So there you have it, that ball's live.

Q. So the positioning is strictly your judgment; that's not reviewable?

DALE SCOTT: It's not reviewable, it's not reviewable. We were just reviewing the rule, not the play.

Q. And as you went through kind of the process in New York, what did you hear back from there? Was that strictly what your interpretation was right and how did you explain it from there?

DALE SCOTT: They just told me what the rule was. Then my interpretation was there was no intent and he wasn't out of the box. That was my judgment to make sure I had the rule correct, which we did. My judgment was then there was no interference, he scores.

Q. If the game had ended, I'm assuming the Jays lifted their protest?

DALE SCOTT: I don't know. They ended up --

ADDITIONAL UMPIRE: We're going to fill it out as if it was a protest, we fill out the forms.

DALE SCOTT: We do our part. It's up to them what they want to do.