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Oct. 14 Jeff Nelson postgame interview


Q. Jeff, can you just talk about what you saw on the call at second base.

JEFF NELSON:  I had the tag late and the hand going into the bag before the tag on the chest.

Q.  Joe Girardi just spoke and told me you saw him tag him high.  Was that accurate?

JEFF NELSON:  I'm telling you what I saw.  I told him that the hand got in before I tagged him in the chest.

There was no reference to tagging high.  It was just exactly like I told you.

Q.  Have you since then seen a replay?

JEFF NELSON:  Yes, I have.

Q.  What are your thoughts after seeing it on the replay?

JEFF NELSON:  The hand did not get in before the tag, the call was incorrect.

Q.  And just on why you ejected Joe.

JEFF NELSON:  Oh, he continued to argue the call after being warned not to, left his position on the mound during a trip, and came down and argued the call.