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Oct. 15 Brandon Crawford pregame interview

Q.   You've obviously been around for a couple of years now, but this is your first postseason playing at home.  What's it been like with ticket requests, family members clawing at you for things and how have you handled it?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  I bought the max amount of tickets that we could get.  We get six.  So I bought all six.  And I've given them to mostly family, but a couple of friends, also.  But it's been a lot of fun.  The crowd obviously here is always fun, and then having people that I know here to support me is great.

    Q.  We've seen it all this postseason with Valverde's saves, the whole Yankees' lineup have gone into a slump.  You guys struggled at home.  Do those things point at how hard it is this time of year and anything can happen?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  Yeah, the Cardinals against the Nationals in that Game 5, us coming back from down 0 2 to sweep the Reds at home.  I mean, I think that's just kind of what happens in the postseason, and anything can happen.  And any player can step up at any time.

    Q.  Did you ever run into Descalso in your years of growing in Babe Ruth or traveling teams and what are your thoughts about him?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  Yeah, actually a couple of times.  We grew up kind of in the same area.  And we were on the same, I think, five year old soccer team, something like that.  My dad would know better than me.

    Q.  Teammates?
    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  Yeah, I think we were teammates when we were like five years old.  But I moved across the Bay.  And I actually played him, I think when I was 14 and 15 in Babe Ruth ball and then like an AAU national championship.

    He's a great player.  He's scrappy.  He's kind of the definition of the Cardinals and how they play, just grinds out hits, has power, plays good defense.  Made a great play last night to kind of stop our rally there.

    Q.  We've all seen what a difference Posey made this year from last year.  For you as a teammate, how do you describe the impact that he has on your team?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  He's an MVP candidate.  So that kind of player on any team is going to be pretty impactful.

    He's been obviously huge to our lineup this year.  He's done a great job catching.  He caught a perfect game.  So the way he manages the game behind the plate and how he drives runs in or gets on base for us on offense, he's just a huge part of our team.

    Q.  To follow up, do you know if at age five you guys had positions in soccer, and how long did you keep up soccer from there on out?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  I think at five you kind of rotate positions.  I think everybody plays everything, kind of like T ball in baseball (laughter).

    And I think I played soccer until I was 11 and I switched over to football.

    Q.  Do you actually remember playing soccer with him or did somebody remind you recently that you guys were on the same soccer team?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  When I ended up playing him when I was 13 or 14, years later, my dad reminded me.  I didn't remember.  That was a long time ago.

    Q.  Do you guys even need to say anything to each other about taking care of your home field in this game or is it pretty much understood that you need to get this one?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  It's understood.  We all know what the consequences are, really, if we don't come back and start winning a couple at home.  We need a little sense of urgency here.  It's the postseason, you lose, you go home pretty much.  I'm sure Hunter will remind us today before the game.  But I think we all kind of already know.

    Q.  You guys went through it last week, how did you guys get through that and what was the attitude like, what was the conversation like after you guys lost two games at home going to Cincinnati?

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  Kind of like what I said.  If you lose, you go home.  We didn't want to go home yet.  Hunter came up to all of us in the clubhouse and just told us how he wants to play with all of us one more game.  Kind of just attitude from there on out was win today and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

    Q.  Was it shocking to you that the Giants did lose the first two games of the Division Series?  You guys have pretty much ruled this house since you've played here.

    BRANDON CRAWFORD:  Yeah.  I mean, we had kind of been on a roll.  To come into the postseason and lose the first two, we were surprised.  But the Reds are a good team.  And it happens sometimes.  And we were fortunate enough to get the next three at their place.