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Oct. 15 Jayson Nix off day interview

Q.  Now that you know you're playing on a regular basis, does that affect your preparation or anything you do in terms of batting practice or preparing for games, to be in the everyday lineup?

    JAYSON NIX:  Yeah, it does change it a little bit.  If I wasn't, you know, going to be playing every day or starting, I would definitely be working on different positions and probably doing a little more work during batting practice.

    But since I'm going to be playing shortstop and the game I am starting there, I will just get my work in there and I won't be doing probably as much volume during batting practice as I normally would.

    Q.  Is that a tough adjustment to make?  Or maybe not hard, but is it just different because it is kind of engrained in you to bounce around a lot and work on different things?

    JAYSON NIX:  It is really not.  It's what I have been doing all year.  The days I wouldn't be starting, you know, I would cover all different positions and get a lot of work in at BP.  But the days I would be starting I would just focus on that one position and do it during BP.

    It is a transition that I have gone in and out of all season long, and it really just means less work for me during batting practice actually.

    Q.  Jayson, this infield, it is hard to find a bigger name infield in baseball than this one.  And you know the Yankees had Eduardo Nuñez in place.  What made you come here in the first place, and did you feel like this was the place where there could legitimately be an opportunity for you?

    JAYSON NIX:  Well, one reason I chose to come to sign here obviously was the Yankees expressed a lot of interest in me and a strong interest in me and came after me pretty hard, so I saw that as a good thing.  But also there could be an opportunity.  I didn't know for sure if there was, or if there would be with all of the big names, like you said, and established guys that are here.

    And I didn't know for sure if there would be, but I knew there was a possibility.  And I knew they were going to give me a shot.  So I wanted to take it.  And I thought it might be a good fit.

    Q.  If you are an infielder signing as backup with the Yankees and behind A Rod and Jeter and Cano, you don't expect to get a lot of playing time.  What has the year been like for you since you got thrust into some roles with both of these guys, A Rod and Jeter, going down for long periods of time?  What has the year been like?

    JAYSON NIX:  Well, it's been great.  I mean, first off, my role on this team, what it is playing in different positions and never really knowing when you're going to play or not, the way Joe has handled my role and communicated with me has been great.  I mean, it's really made my job a lot easier, so I know what to expect from him and he knows what to expect from me.  And it's really been very smooth.

    And then at the same time, you know, Al getting hurt and the opportunities I had to play, it has been fairly consistent for my role.

    So it's been really great and it's been easy.  I don't know if "easy" is the right word, but it has been smooth.  The way that Joe handled it and the way that Joe handled my situation with me, and me and Chavy talk about it a lot, he made it easy on me.

    We know what to expect, what to prepare for and what ways we're going to be used, and it really helps a lot.

    Q.  I am just curious:  The last couple of days, how would you characterize them for yourself?  Hectic?  Exciting?  Overwhelming?  How would you describe the last couple of days for you?

    JAYSON NIX:  It's been    I would say exciting is the main word that would come to my mind.  I mean, at the same time, it's very    I mean, it's exciting for me.

    Also, I am very disappointed for Derek.  I hate the fact that he has gone down, and especially with this opportunity to play in these playoffs.  I know it's hard on him.  That part I hate it for him.

    But at the same time I'm excited for my opportunity to be able to play.  And ever since these playoffs started, I've really just been kind of itching to get in these games.  And I knew most chances I wasn't going to start many games, or I didn't know how much I was going to play, but I really just wanted to be in the games.

    So to have a chance to start and play in these games is very exciting, and I'm really enjoying it.  But there has been a lot of emotions.  With Derek going down, the role changes, been a lot of emotions.  But it has been a lot of fun.

    Q.  Jayson, you've had a handful of at bats in your career against Justin Verlander.  And I am wondering based on your experience what perspective you have besides the obvious that he is great?

    JAYSON NIX:  Well, I mean, I am glad that I have seen him a lot.  I haven't had much success off him.  Obviously very good and very tough.  And there are probably a lot of guys that would say that.  But I have seen him quite a bit and know kind of what he does and what he looks like and what he tried to do to me in the past, so that's a good thing.

    And, you know, he's a great pitcher.  He's one of the best pitchers in the game right now, and we have our work cut out for us.

    Q.  Jayson, as much confidence as you thought the Yankees had in you when you signed here, when they traded for Casey McGehee, whenever that was, kind of similar role to the one you had, did that raise your eyebrows at all?  Does that do anything to your confidence when he came in?

JAYSON NIX:  No, it really didn't.  I knew my role on this team and what it was, and I knew I had the confidence in my teammates and manager and everything.  And I wasn't concerned about that.  I didn't look into it.  I knew my role and what it was, and I didn't see that signing as anything.  I didn't look into it.  I didn't really have time to do that.

    I'm just kind of staying focused on what I am doing and what my role is on the team, and I didn't look into that at all.

    Q.  But he started some games probably that you would have initially there.  You didn't talk to anyone about that or change any part of your approach when he started taking some of that, that maybe you would have gotten previously?

JAYSON NIX:  No, I didn't.