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Oct. 2: Mike Scioscia postgame interview

Q. I'm just curious, when Calhoun was bunting he had the count his way at 3‑1. Did you at that point consider taking the bunt off?

MIKE SCIOSCIA:  There were a number of times I think that we were considering it, but I think that where the count was, and if it was ball four, Cole will take it, we definitely want to get him to second base there in that situation with our guys coming up behind him. And we didn't, obviously, and didn't execute it on that play.

Q. I guess, was this just missed opportunities tonight because you had chances, it seemed, all night long to put runs on the board?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Yeah, we had some guys in scoring position, just couldn't get that one hit, especially late. I think our bullpen was lined up. We had some opportunities in the 7th and then again in the 9th, and we just couldn't get that one hit. Those guys hung in there and got the big outs and got the big hit late.

So we hit two home runs to keep ourselves in the game, but outside of that, we didn't really pressure those guys very much.

Q. Josh Hamilton 0 for 5 tonight. Does that concern you? Or are you going to keep him in the lineup and just let him try to swing his way out of it?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Josh is going to get a chance to get some at‑bats and the swing. That first at‑bat he stayed on the ball a little bit better. The second at‑bat had a decent swing, but you know, we'll see what Josh has and what he does.

You saw what he did in left field. Made a terrific play coming in, so he's going to help us. If he can find that rhythm at the plate, that's going to be huge for us.

Q. Do you think that the time off had any impact on you guys? You've been swinging the bats pretty well before that?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Well, this game was not won and lost in that 11th inning. This game was won by Kansas City with four incredible defensive plays. Lorenzo Cain and Aoki in right field, that's where the game was won for Kansas City.

So we hit some balls. Howie hit bullet with guys in scoring position, C.J. hit a bullet with guys in scoring position. That is what really kept those guys in the game. So I think we swung the bats a little bit better than, obviously, what the numbers are going to show. Hit some balls hard. Those guys made terrific defensive plays, and they hung in there and got the win.

Q. In the 11th inning, why Salas over Grilli or Morin?

MIKE SCIOSCIA:  Fernando has been one of our guys that's been pitching terrific and holding leads against left‑handed hitters coming up. He's really been good. He just yanked the changeup a little bit down and in, and Mike Moustakas didn't miss it.

But Fernando, that's one of the roles that he pitches in. And we had a lot of confidence in anybody we're going to bring out, but he just made the one mistake and they didn't miss it.