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Oct. 21 Ryan Vogelsong, Marco Scutaro postgame interview

Q.   Ryan, that first inning you threw 12 straight fastballs really hard to start the game.  Was there a statement being made?  Was that the plan?  What did you achieve in that first inning?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  There was no plan going in.  I threw what Buster was putting down.  I assume he saw something that he kept putting the fastball down.  It's not unusual for me to do that sometimes.

Q.   Ryan, that first inning you threw 12 straight fastballs really hard to start the game.  Was there a statement being made?  Was that the plan?  What did you achieve in that first inning?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  There was no plan going in.  I threw what Buster was putting down.  I assume he saw something that he kept putting the fastball down.  It's not unusual for me to do that sometimes.

But I just kind of saw the way our team reacted the other night when Barry came out and kind of took the bull by the horns early and was throwing up zeroes.  I saw how our team was feeding off of that.  And I just knew that I had to go out there and keep them off the board early and give us a chance to do something offensively.

Q.  Marco, can you explain why Matt Holliday sliding into you made you a better hitter (laughter)?

MARCO SCUTARO:  Actually, I got a little fame from getting hit from Holliday.  It was kind of weird.

But, I don't know, man.  I just happy to be here in this situation.  And just trying to do my best to help my team and spend one more day with them.  It's been fun the last couple of days watching these guys pitch and playing behind those guys.  And I think the last game in St. Louis was big for us, I think bringing the series back home is huge.  And tomorrow is Game 7.  It doesn't get any better than that.

Q.  Ryan, Lincecum was talking about how impressed he is with your work ethic since you've got here and that it's paying off and that's what we're seeing.  Do you agree with that?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  I don't know if there's a direct correlation, because I worked like that when I wasn't pitching very well, either, in Pittsburgh and Japan.  It's just how I've been.  My dad kind of raised me that way.

When I came into this game everybody kind of said don't let that be the reason why you don't succeed.  So I just decided I was going to do everything I could off the field to prepare myself for the games.

So I don't know if there's a direct correlation, because I did the same things when I wasn't pitching very well at all, too.

Q.  Marco, first of all, are you still in any pain at all in your hip or knee?

MARCO SCUTARO:  No, not really.  Just a little bit, but nothing major.  Even if it hurts tomorrow I'll be there.

Q.  Ryan, I know your focus doesn't really respond or depend on the score on the board, having watched you.  But is there any difference to you after Marco gets that hit, now all of a sudden he gets you that extra run?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, I was looking for the oxygen, first (laughter).

MARCO SCUTARO:  Couldn't breathe.  Sorry, brother.

RYAN VOGELSONG:  You can do it any time, buddy.  I'll take it.

I pitched like it's 0‑0, 1‑0 all the time.  But to have a cushion like that early definitely allows you to attack the plate a little bit more, especially with the offense that they have over there.  They swing the bats well and they strike quick.  And usually it's multiple runs.

So to have him or have us, our offense, get some runs early definitely changes how you attack the zone a little bit.

Q.  Ryan, you've had a couple of very emotional trips off of the mound here at this ballpark last year, ovations where you said you had to fight yourself a little bit.  Can you talk about just that tonight, leaving, and the chance of Vogey, Vogey, I would assume this might be the biggest trip off the mound tonight?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  These fans, they bring it all the time.  And, yeah, it's pretty amazing.  Even when I'm standing on the mound tonight, and they're cheering Vogey, it just makes you want to get the job done for them.  Just makes you want to dig down a little bit.  But the things that they're doing for me as far as their cheers and the chance, is making this something that I'm never, ever going to forget.  And I can't thank them enough for that.

Q.  Ryan, Marco, if you could talk about each other.  What have you learned about each other the last three months that you didn't know before you were teammates.  It seems that Marco plays the game kind of like you pitch it.  Is that a fair assessment?

MARCO SCUTARO:  Well, when I got here I didn't know too much, my teammates.  But one thing for sure is every time I walk by the gym this guy was in there working out.  I was like, hey, bro, he has a lot of energy.

All the thing he have to go through, like playing Japan, Tommy John and all this stuff, and for him to be in this position right now and be in the playoff and pitch the way he did tonight, I mean I can't feel any happier for him.  That's pretty much we're 27 outs away from being in the World Series.  And that's, for me, is priceless.

RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, I'm just glad I don't have to face him anymore.  I think a lot of the nation is finally getting to see the player that Marco is because of this postseason.  But the things that he's doing is not surprising to anybody on this club.

I was not happy in the off‑season when I saw Marco was going to Colorado and was going to be in our division, because you know he's going to put a professional at‑bat on you.  He's going to battle you.  And he's one of the best clutch hitters I've seen.  He might not remember this, but I faced Marco in winter ball in 2004.  And he's still the same guy.

MARCO SCUTARO:  I was like 21 years old, right?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  Me, too (laughter).

But I'm just glad he's with us.  Because I didn't like facing him.  And you know he's going to battle you every at‑bat and I'm just happy he's on our side.

Q.  After your last start you said from the third inning on was the best stuff of your career.  Would this now be the best stuff in your career?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  I actually think that my stuff was better in Game 2.  I threw the ball extremely well tonight, obviously, but I feel like I had some good misses.

After the third inning in Game 2 I didn't really have too many misses in the zone or out of the zone.  That's, like I said, I was as locked in as I've been.  But I felt like tonight I still had good stuff but I missed some pitches that they swung through.

And I said that the other day.  It comes down to executing pitches and getting lucky on the ones you don't make, they foul them off or swing through.  And I still think Game 2, my stuff, overall, was better.  But tonight I just had some good misses and some good fortune.

Q.  What does it tell you that two of your greatest games are now coming in two playoff appearances and this large moment?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  I just believe that God had a plan for me this whole time.  And he's shining down on me right now.  And I feel like all the stuff that I went through, going to Japan, and going to winter ball at 33 years old, and getting back here last year is stuff that he was doing for me to get me prepared for this moment.  And I truly believe that.  And I feel like he's with me on the mound.  And he's shining his glory on me right now.

Q.  Can I ask you what it means to you to be able to come through in a big game like this, in a game that was a must win, that allows your team to get into the 7th game and possibly into the World Series?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  Well, it's these guys.  They believe in me.  Every person in that clubhouse, to the coaching staff, to the front office, they believe in me, and I know they believe in me and that rubs off.  And it doesn't make the game any easier, but it's a little bit easier to go out there when you know everyone's behind you and thinks that you're going to get the job done.

Q.  But to come through like you did and to allow the team to get to the 7th game?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  It feels great.  Nobody wants to be the guy that doesn't get it done.  I wasn't as nervous today as I was yesterday on the off day thinking about, I didn't want to let these guys down.  I didn't want to let the city down.  To come through tonight and get us to tomorrow, it feels good.

Q.  Can you critique Ryan at the plate, the way he came through with the chop?  And Ryan, what does that mean to you to be able to contribute that way?

MARCO SCUTARO:  Like I say, man, it's been fun.  Zito, the other day, with two outs, he drop a bomb and a man on third, and that was fun to watch.  I mean those guys can pitch.  And also can hit, too.  That's why he used the Marucci bat.  Like I say, there is no tomorrow for us.  Hopefully we come back tomorrow and score some runs early for Cain so he start doing his stuff.

Q.  Ryan, I wonder how the enchiladas were last night and if you were amused today with all the people sending pictures of enchiladas to your wife all day long?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  The enchiladas were good, the place I get them from are always good.  That's something I don't have to worry about.  She was telling me a little bit about it last night with Twitter.  But I'm not on Twitter.  She knew better than to try to distract me with that information today (laughter).  I think she'll probably give me the low down tonight when we get home and show me some pictures.  She's been around me long enough to know that this afternoon probably wasn't the best time to show me what was on Twitter (laughter).

Q.  Ryan, I trust you if you say that your stuff was better last time than this time.  But you come out of the chute, strike out Jay with a 94 mile an hour 4‑seamer and then strike out Craig with 93 mile an hour two‑seamer.  That seems to be extra from what you normally do, especially from the outset of the game.  Where does that come from?

RYAN VOGELSONG:  The environment.  The fans.  Like I said earlier, I feed off the fans in this stadium.  And they were into it early and the adrenaline is going and it puts miles per hour on your fastball.

Q.  In all the years I've watched baseball I've never seen a team face this many elimination games.  You've faced five in the last eight games.  Marco and Ryan, can you talk a little bit about what that's like, facing do or die.  Now you have to face another one tomorrow.  Are you guys playing on adrenaline, to a degree, because it's such a long season?

MARCO SCUTARO:  We just love each other, and I want to see my team the next day.  And I guess everybody just know what going on.  Our mentality is just when we're in this situation, our mentality is just go out there and do our best.  I think regardless of the results, if you go out there and you fight and you do your best, even if you don't come up with a win, you can go home and look at yourself in the mirror and feel good about yourself.

RYAN VOGELSONG:  I think there's something to be said about the concentration level I see on this team when we're in these situations, because one pitch or one at‑bat can change the game.  And we had a speech from Hunter the other day, and Marco actually said something good, and it was concentrate and win every pitch, win every swing, win every inning.  And I think that's ‑‑ we just go with that.  Just keep your focus and concentrate on every pitch and every at‑bat and try and win every inning.  And it's been worth it for us.  Hopefully we can get another one tomorrow.

Q.  Ryan, three years ago you're pitching in Japan and now you're here tonight.  Describe what it took to get here.

RYAN VOGELSONG:  A lot of faith.  A lot of hard work.  You have to have some things go your way to get opportunities.  I came into Spring Training with these guys last year and threw the ball pretty well and didn't make the team because everybody was back from a World Series team.  And I was okay with that.  At that point I was just happy to be on a team, even though it was Triple‑A.  And then Barry Zito gets hurt, the guy hasn't missed a start in, I'm not exactly sure what the exact years are, 12, 11 years, and it hits his ankle.  Weird things have to happen that are much greater than us for things to work out like this.

And like I said before, I just think that God's had a plan for me this whole time and it's finally gotten me to where ultimately I've wanted to be, and that's the postseason.  I couldn't be happier to be here, and be happier to be here with the Giants and these guys, especially the guys we have on this team right now.

Q.  For Marco, mental approach going into Game 7.  We heard Mike Matheny say earlier he's going to tell the guys just play your game.  Is that your attitude or can you say it's just another game or I relish this opportunity?

MARCO SCUTARO:  Well, it is another game.  But of course it's a little more intense.  But I think you've got to stick with your game.  I know where my game is.  I know I'm a power hitter and an RBI guy.  I need to get on base for my teammates behind me and just stick with my game.  I don't try to do too much.  Sometimes when you try to do too much in this game you pretty much can't do anything.  And that's pretty much my mentality.