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Oct 3. Tim Hudson Pregame Interview

Q. Tim, when you went through some of your struggles toward the end of the regular season, did you ever have any kind of fear in the back of your mind, if it got this far, that you might not get this start?

TIM HUDSON: No, not really. I think, obviously, throughout the year, you are going to go through ups and down. Mine just happened to be there at the end of the year in September. Me and Rags did a lot of work on the side, in between starts. Going into my last start in L.A., I felt we got a good handle on some things mechanically. I felt like I was airing some things out, going into the last start. I feel really good physically, and where I am mechanical. We did go work over the last week or so on the side. Feel like we are ready to go.

Q. Tim, you were quoted the other night as questioning the Nationals' heart, I guess would be the interpretation. If you could explain exactly what you were trying to say.

TIM HUDSON: I was absolutely not questioning their heart or their intestinal fortitude. I was referring to our team. Obviously, they have a lot of talent over there. They have some guys who know how to play the game and play the game hard. It is easy to go out there and win when you have a group like that. I was speaking on our behalf, on our team. I feel like we have a team that can go out there, grind things out. I feel like we play tough baseball. We have guys who are tough as nails in the locker room. That is what I was referring to. Obviously, things have a tendency to get turned around a little bit when comments like that are made. I was referring to our club, not theirs. I don't think of their team like that. I am talking about what we have in our locker room. The guys we have in the locker room, they come with it. It is an honor to be on the field with those guys.

Q. Tim, you have had a lot of success in your career against the Nationals. Does that make it easier or harder to prepare for them now? Do you pick up strategies from way past? Is it all about how you are pitching now? How do you go about facing a team when you've faced them so much in years past?

TIM HUDSON: There is obviously a lot of history between myself and these guys, going back a lot of years from when I was with Atlanta. Obviously, they are a different club than what I faced early on in my career. They are a really good ballclub. They have a lot of talent. For me, it is no secret, what they are about. It is no secret to them what I am about. For me, it is going out there and coming up with a good game plan, trying to watch a lot of videos; seeing what strengths and weaknesses are at this point in the year for those guys, and come up with a good game plan. Familiarity can never be a bad thing for a pitcher. I feel the more history you have against a team. The more history you have against hitters, you know, the better off you can be. It can also go both ways; they obviously feel pretty familiar with me, what I am going to bring to them. It is all about making pitches, coming up with a good game plan, try to keep the guys off balance, and execute pitches. You know, if that can happen, then things will be okay.