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Oct. 5 Porcello pregame interview

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Rick Porcello.

Q. Rick, the extra time between starts, how is that for you? How has your routine been?

RICK PORCELLO: Well, I've had extra time before. I threw one extra bullpen and just really tried to stay focused every day in my delivery and stay within, you know, my rhythm and that sort of thing.

It's more of a mental thing when you have extra time off to make sure that you keep your focus and stay sharp mentally.

Q. When you get to a point in the season where you've pitched more innings than you have before, is there any difference in your routine as far as trying to, maybe not even stay fresh, but anything out of the ordinary as far as trying to keep everything in flow and kind of ward off any sort of fatigue?

RICK PORCELLO: Well, throughout September, I kinda tapered my bullpens down and I wasn't throwing as many pitches, because I knew my innings were up more than they had been in the past. But at this point now, I feel good and I'm throwing as much as I possibly can off the mound to stay sharp.

You can't afford to take any chances and get out there and not feel good. I'm doing whatever I can to make sure that I'm ready to go tomorrow.

Q. What stands out to you about these Orioles hitters? You've seen them the first two games and have you looked at any video of them as well?

RICK PORCELLO: We played them twice early on in the season. They're a little different lineup now. The biggest thing is they don't stop fighting. A lot of them are very aggressive, a lot of them can hurt you with doubles and home runs. So you really gotta keep the ball down on 'em.

It's definitely one of those teams where you can't afford to make a lot of mistakes. They hit mistakes and they do damage with mistakes. They don't just take base hits, they drive the ball. So you gotta keep the ball down.

And a lot of the same things get these guys out as other teams, but they've been capitalizing on mistakes and that's why they've been so good lately.

Q. If you get a chance to pitch in Game 4, if you survive today, is there any advantage to being the fourth pitcher, that you've seen the Orioles for three straight games by observing?

RICK PORCELLO: I think you can watch and see what guys are attacking and what guys are struggling with. That changes throughout the course of the year. Some guys are hitting the breaking ball early on or the fastball early on and that can change.

They're definitely different than when I saw them early on this year. I think these three games, it gives me an opportunity to acquire a bunch of knowledge on some of these hitters and what they're trying to do, if they're being aggressive, taking pitches, you know, what pitches they're hitting, what pitches they're not hitting. I think it definitely helps.

Q. Some of the other guys have talked about today being a game you dream about as a kid. Can you talk about what Game 4 will be like for you if you get the opportunity to pitch?

RICK PORCELLO: Yeah, I mean, this is what it's all about. This is why you play. You work hard in Spring Training to be able to make the postseason and then have an opportunity to contribute in a positive way for your team. That's what it's all about.

Personal stuff, if you're not winning, none of the personal accolades and all that stuff matters. The only thing that matters is if you win.

I'm going to have an opportunity tomorrow to give us a chance to push to a Game 5, and I'm looking forward to that. I haven't had an opportunity to start a playoff game in a couple of years, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting back out there.

Q. Sort of piggy backing off that, what is today going to be like for you? You just got to feel a little helpless setting there trying to root your teammates on, I guess?

RICK PORCELLO: Our backs are against the wall. Obviously our last game was pretty exciting and we came up short, but I'm sure today is going to be the same way.

You're on edge the whole game. That's what the playoffs are all about. Every pitch matters. There is not one pitch where you're sitting back, flicking seeds or not paying attention. You're locked in on every pitch.

I'm looking forward to watching David go out there today and do what he does and hopefully I get my opportunity tomorrow.