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Oct. 5 Yu Darvish postgame interview

Q.  How did you feel tonight, and talk about how you felt when Washington came to get you in the 7th?  Did you feel like you could still go?  How did you feel you were pitching at that point?

YU DARVISH:  Tonight I felt very good.  I felt my command was good, and I was able to keep the team in the game.  So I thought I pitched pretty good tonight.

Getting taken out in the 7th inning or any time the manager takes me out, that's his call.  That's his decision.  So I never question what the manager does.

Q.  How do you feel about the loss tonight?

YU DARVISH:  Personally, whether I pitch good or I get knocked down in the first inning, either way, we just had one game, and unfortunately we lost.  And I feel the same way I'm sure everybody does in the locker room.

Q.  You've pitched in big games in Japan.  This is the biggest one you've pitched in over here.  Did you prove something to yourself tonight the way you pitched and the way you hung in?

YU DARVISH:  I always say to myself, at any time, whether it be the postseason, to me there's no game that's more important than the other, and I've always tried to go out there the same way, approach every game the same way.  And tonight's game, the way I pitched, I don't know how I'm going to be evaluated or what people are going to think of how I pitched.  So I mean, it's kind of a difficult question to answer.

Q.  Has it sunk in that you guys will not be playing any more games?

YU DARVISH:  Honestly, no.  Me and my teammates and the Rangers fans, I don't think we all thought that it would end this early.  I mean, right now, no.  I don't even know what I'm supposed to do tomorrow.

Q.  In the 6th inning after you gave up the sac fly, everybody gathered to the mound, felt like ‑‑ you were just cupping your shoulder, but you ended up going through that inning.  Was it because the discomfort became fine, or was it you felt like you had a responsibility to throw through it?  What happened there?

YU DARVISH:  It was more of my trap muscle.  I felt a light cramp in there.  But at that time I had discomfort.  I didn't know if I could throw or continue to throw.  They let me throw a few more pitches, and I stretched out a little bit, and I felt fine.  It wasn't like I tried to tough it up and throw through there, just the discomfort and thinking I wasn't going to be able to continue to throw, but afterwards I felt better and I was able to throw.  That's it.

Q.  Tonight's overall outing, the thing that happened in the 6th inning, do you think that could have been the result of the last time when you had the stiffness in the neck?  Do you think that played any part in that tonight?

YU DARVISH:  No, nothing whatsoever.

Q.  Your first big league season has officially come to an end.  What are you feeling right now?  Can you tell us how you feel after your first year in the Big Leagues?

YU DARVISH:  Right now we just finished.  I haven't had a thought or time to think it over.  My mind is more of a blank now.  I really can't tell you what kind of season it was.

But the way I feel, it's almost like they tell you to run like a 30‑mile marathon.  At the last stretch, second wind, third wind, and you're about to finish, they tell you to stop.  Like I had to stop, and it was just a little bit more to go, and I could have finished it.  That's how I feel right now.

Q.  I want to ask you how you feel.  Two‑part question:  First part, when David Murphy made the last out on the play to left field, three outs, how did you feel right then?  And afterwards in the clubhouse when the manager gave a speech to all the players, how did you feel about that?

YU DARVISH:  Just the same thing as I said earlier.  I just saw what happened, and I just took it in.  But we just finished the ballgame; I don't have any feelings to tell you guys right now.  I haven't had enough time to think it over or sink it in.