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Oct. 7 Tyler Clippard pregame interview

Q. Could you tell me how the team is feeling entering this game and how confident are you that you guys can win?

TYLER CLIPPARD: We're feeling good. You know, we've been feeling good all series. We've been playing good baseball. You know, guys have been throwing the ball really well. You know, we're real confident and excited to play today.

Q. But you guys have won more games than any team in the majors the past three years. Do you think that accomplishment stands on its own, or do you feel like you need to win this series to validate that a little bit?

TYLER CLIPPARD: A little bit of both. You know, obviously three years of having a cumulative record of the best record in the game is something. But, at the end of the day, we play this game to win world championships. I think everybody does. That's why we put the uniform on and that's why we're here and that's why we're in the post season, and, you know, ready to take strides in that direction today.

Q. Bryce really stepped up yesterday offensively, defensively. How would you say he's grown, not only over the course of the year but since 2012, how has he grown?

TYLER CLIPPARD: He's grown a lot. Yeah, Bryce, obviously everyone knows the tools that Bryce has. But I think, more importantly, Bryce has grown as a person, which has helped him know how to communicate with his teammates and be the guy that we saw yesterday on the field making those big, defensive plays, knowing where to go with the ball after he catches it, throwing to the right bases, doing the little things. You know, when he puts it all together, he's special, and I think everybody can see that. But, yeah, we're happy he's on our team.

Q. What do you think you guys have learned, both two years ago and now, about what makes post season baseball different than regular season baseball?

TYLER CLIPPARD: You know, everything is just a little more a little more magnified, little stuff. Little stuff is huge in the post season. You know, Matt, since day one, has preached to us to do the little things correctly. I think we have done a pretty good job of that all year long. But, you know, when you get into the post season, those things come to the forefront more so than ever. And we realize that as a club. We hang our hats on the fact that we do the little things well. You know, yesterday was a small example of that. But that's all we can do. We continue to just play good, clean baseball and see what happens.

Q. If you can just elaborate, how excited are you to start Game 5?

TYLER CLIPPARD: I've been waiting my whole life for this opportunity (laughing).

Q. More seriously, is there discussion among you guys, are you wondering, is it going to be him or is it going to be him? Are you talking about that, or are you too focused on today's game?

TYLER CLIPPARD: Yeah, we're focused on today's game. We said, as cliché as it is, we really do have to take it one game at a time. Today, Game 4, obviously for us was a must win situation, so there's no point in really thinking or looking forward to Game 5. We have to win today, and that's all we're focused on.