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Oct. 7 Tyler Moore and Ian Desmond postgame interview

Q.  Tyler, could you take us through that at‑bat, and also your emotions before, during and after?

TYLER MOORE:  Yeah, he came in, I know he's got a good sinker.  Just want to stay on the ball as much as possible, try not to do too much, and the 2‑1 ‑‑ I mean, the 1‑2 was a swing out of the zone a little bit.  Wanted to make sure I had a ball in my zone a little bit more and was able to flare it out to right.

Q.  Ian, picking up Gio a little bit, seemed he had some control issues early on, and just your thoughts on getting away with this victory today?

IAN DESMOND:  Our pitching staff has been great all year long, especially Gio, he's had some quality starts we had lights‑out stuff.  He's also had some starts where he had to grind his way through, and today was one of those.  We appreciate it as defenders that he doesn't just give in.  He fights his way through it and he did it again today and we were in position to obviously strike, and he held on long enough.

Q.  Tyler, fair to say that's your biggest hit of the year so far?

TYLER MOORE:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  Can you elaborate on that?

TYLER MOORE:  Yeah, you know, I'm just glad to have the opportunity, because they didn't want to face Chad Tracy which is our best pinch‑hitter.  I came in and talked to Mark DeRosa, and those guys have been great for me all year, because they sit on the bench with me and help me out, going through pitchers; they let me know what can happen.  And I've failed a lot, too, during this thing, and it's helped me keep my heart rate down and just come up and try to put the ball in play.

Q.  Ian, I asked Mike about shadows and of course, 2:07 start.  Can you talk about that, how it affected you, and also how tough was Wainwright today, even though you ended up with three hits in four at‑bats.

IAN DESMOND:  I think we are obviously blessed to be in a situation where we just came from here.  We played maybe a day game or two, I can't remember specifically.  But you know, the sun is the sun.  You're going to battle it any time you get out there at one, two, three o'clock.  Wainwright is tough enough, and you add a little sun in there; and Gio, also, for them.

You grind your way through it, and we did that today.  We just have to battle.

Q.  You got the first post‑season hit by Washington play since Joe Cronin in 1933; ere you aware of the history and what do you know of Joe?

IAN DESMOND:  Good 'le Joe.  (Laughter.)

No, I've got no idea about the history to be honest.  I wish I did.  You know, I think there's going to be some new history in Washington from here on out.

Q.  You got drafted three times by this organization, do you think it was meant to be for you?

TYLER MOORE:  Yeah, I just love to be in that situation and glad they drafted me and gave me an opportunity.

Q.  You had a lot of bullpen guys pick you up and have a big inning, come in, change momentum of the game; how big was that, and having a chance to make something happen on offense?

IAN DESMOND:  I think the secret formula this year has been pitching for us.  Not many people have probably watched too many Nationals games, but we have got a great starting rotation and a great bullpen.  We have relied on them all year long.  They keep us in the ballgame and some timely hits from this kid and the rest of the guys coming off the bench.  That's really been the formula, just some timely hitting and some really, really good pitching.