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Oct. 8 Chris Davis and Wei-Yin Chen postgame interview

Q. Wei‑Yin, you've had a successful career pitching in Japan, rookie in Major League Baseball.  What does it mean to you to lead the Orioles to a playoff win, first playoff win in 15 years?

WEI‑YIN CHEN:  Of course like I'm feeling like it's a little different right now because this is Major Leagues here.  But there's one thing:  We want to win.  I want to help the team to win, and that's my home and that's my dream.

Q.  For Chris, just coming back from last night's tough loss, do you think the year you guys have had overall made that easier to pull off, coming back from all the adversity?

CHRIS DAVIS:  Yeah, I think that's been big for us all year, the fact that we've been able to put our losses and obviously our low points behind us and really learn from them and bounce back.  I mean, we've had contributions from everybody all year, Chen has obviously been awesome.  Did a great job tonight, but really just kind of putting the negative behind us and moving on.  It's been big for us all year.

Q.  Wei‑Yin, the Orioles made a couple of mistakes early in the game.  You let up the run early in the game.  What did you do to overcome that and stay focused on pitching deep into the game?

WEI‑YIN CHEN:  First of all, I have to thank Wieters.  He's the guy behind the home plate, and he got me through all the stuff today.  And he put down the finger, I just hit a target.  And without him, I wouldn't be successful tonight.

On the other hand, I have to thank CD, too, because he swings the bats really well, and our defense is really good tonight, and that's why we were successful and that's why we get a win tonight.

Q.  After Markakis' injury you got back out to play the field a lot, and your hitting production has gone up quite a bit since then.  Does that say something as to the fact that you like ‑‑ you prefer being out in the field?

CHRIS DAVIS:  You know, I like playing defense.  I feel like if you're having a rough night at the plate you can bring your glove and kind of pick the team up.  At the same time it's hard to replace a guy like Nicky.  He's been a great defender winning the Gold Glove last year and was huge for us hitting in the lead‑off spot.  I felt like really my job was just to go out there and give it my best effort.  I'm not trying to fill his shoes, I'm just trying to pick up the team and do everything I can to help us get a win.

Q.  You've split the season with the Yankees and now you've got a split series.  What's going to separate these two teams from one another in the end?

CHRIS DAVIS:  Whoever scores more runs is going to win.  I mean, I think the biggest thing for us is we feel comfortable playing in New York.  Obviously it's going to be a little different atmosphere with playoff baseball.  As long as we can continue to do what we've done all year and really just focus on our goals and our expectations, I think we'll be all right.

Q.  Buck said that everything that's happened in the regular season can kind of be thrown out the window.  Do you think there's anything that you can take from the regular season and go into Yankee Stadium or even just playing the Yankees in general that is paying off now?

CHRIS DAVIS:  I think so.  I think the fact that we've been so good in close games and in extra innings and the fact that our bullpen has been so strong down the stretch really bodes well for us.  Once the playoffs start, some of that stuff does kind of fly out the window.  Obviously with the one‑game playoff in Texas we were able to gain a little bit of experience, what it's like in tight situations and what it's like to play playoff baseball.  We're just kind of learning on the fly with this team.  We've got a lot of young guys, a lot of guys that don't have postseason experience.  But we also do have guys like Jim Thome who have been around and know what to expect.  Like I said, as long as we can focus on control and what we can control, I think we'll be all right.

Q.  (Question asked in Mandarin.)

WEI‑YIN CHEN:  I like pitching the postseason in Japan, but here I'm still rookie and it's my first time and how can I make it with this kind of pressure and the weather.

Like the experience of playing in Japan and the States, they are totally a different feeling, and of course like today, win the ballgame, but that's not because of me, that's because of our team.  Those guys behind me do a great job tonight, especially Wieters.  He's really a guy, he's the man.  And of course the guys behind me played wonderful defense and swung the bats really well tonight.

Q.  Buck just said there's a really good chemistry between Ichiro and you, and you pitched really efficiently.  What do you think about it?

WEI‑YIN CHEN:  Everybody was talking like I didn't really pitch good against lefties, but tonight I felt like I pitched good against lefties and against righties, too.  And today I just kept the ball down and lowered my pitch count.  The only thing I wanted was just keep pitching, keep pitching.  I don't want to think too much, and the defense, they like helped me out.

Q.  You have so many quality starts this season but didn't get a lot of wins this season, and today this is a really important game to you.  How do you feel right now?

WEI‑YIN CHEN:  Today I just wanted to go deep.  I didn't want to think too much.  I just wanted to face one batter, one batter and another batter.  I didn't want to think too much, and I just kept going.

Q.  There are a lot of Orioles fans out there for you.  When you come out from a game and they give you a standing ovation, what do you think about it?  How do you feel?

WEI‑YIN CHEN:  Tonight is probably the first time I saw so many fans out there for us, and I just want to tell the fans please come back and we'll do our best for you guys and we will do our best and won't let you down.