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Oct. 9 Clint Hurdle postgame interview

Q. You kept feeling like your hitters would get it going, get it going, did you just run out of time a little bit?

CLINT HURDLE:  Every time we turned around, Wainwright got in the way tonight. We were able to be ‑‑ the at‑bats were better, the approach got better, but he kept making pitches. The last two games they kept us off the plate. We scored two runs in 18 innings, so there is no safety net.

We tip our hat to the Cardinals. I think this rivalry has turned into something that baseball can be proud of. It's become a rivalry for all the right reasons. Professional respect, the way the game is played, the effort. They beat a very good team.

Q. Clint, your thoughts on Gerrit tonight. I know he went five and his pitch count was right around 75 pitches. But still, other than the Freese homer, how did you feel he pitched tonight?

CLINT HURDLE: I thought he pitched a very professional game. To get that opportunity to go out there, attack hitters, the breaking ball caught too much of the plate and two swings of the bat plated four runs for him tonight. But the young man took another step forward, another experience that's going to put him in a better place down the road.

At the time, if it's a different game, probably could ride him a little bit longer. We've only got 12 outs to play with, and we don't have any runs. We've got to find a way to score some runs. He stepped up again tonight and showed us a little bit more of what he's capable of. You think you're giving him too much, and you're really not. He's been able to handle everything that's come his way.

Q. Can you put this series, this experience in the context of the growth and maturation of your ballclub?

CLINT HURDLE:  Well, I could probably do a better job in a few days. The series was a great experience. The intensity, both parks, two historic organizations, tradition‑rich.

Obviously, this club here, the St. Louis Cardinals organization have gotten used to this. The sustainability is what separates great organizations.

We were able to take a huge step forward this year in restoring the pride and the passion of the Pittsburgh Pirates' organization, and rebonding our city with a ball team. It was evident during the Wild Card game and through the playoffs of the hunger and the passion that our fans have for their local team.

So as I shared with the men in the locker room, their futures individually and collectively are in good hands. All they've got to do is look at the end of their arms, because that's where their hands are. They've worked their backsides off this year, and I'm proud of each and every one of them.

Q. The fact that you've finished 12‑12 over the course of the whole season, is there something that, I guess, taking solace that you guys were really dead even with this Cardinals ballclub that is advancing, or is that really just a stat that goes by the wayside?

CLINT HURDLE: That's a stat that goes by the wayside.

Q. If you don't mind, I'm just curious your impressions of the competitiveness of Adam Wainwright? What you sensed from him on the other side tonight?

CLINT HURDLE:  I've been watching him for years. I've watched the whole progression of his career. I've watched him close, I've watched him start. He's a pro. He's an absolute pro. He's become an elite pitcher in the game and for all the right reasons. Not just the man that takes the mound, but the man that walks the streets, a lot of professional and personal respect for Adam Wainwright.