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Oct. 9 Hiroki Kuroda workout day interview

Q. Hiroki, what have you liked about pitching in Yankee Stadium this year?

HIROKI KURODA: I think it's just a matter of luck that I have great numbers in the stadium here at Yankee Stadium. But I think one of the biggest things is the fans. They really motivate me during the game.

Q. Just wanted to ask, obviously you're going to be pitching on extra rest. Can you talk about how you think that'll be able to help you for tomorrow night's start?

HIROKI KURODA: Yes, I think definitely it'll be favorable for me to have a little bit more rest.

Q. And just another thing, throughout your career in the playoffs you've pitched every game in a Game 3. Is there a comfort level for you pitching in a Game 3?

HIROKI KURODA: It doesn't really matter in which spot I pitch. This is not my decision. It's the decision of the teammates. So I'm just going to pitch my best game wherever they put me.

Q. With the extra rest, did you do anything differently with the extra rest in terms of when you threw your bullpen or anything in terms of what your routine was from your last start?

HIROKI KURODA: No, nothing really. It's pretty much the same as during the season.

Q. Hiroki, you've thrown a career high in innings this year. How fresh does your arm feel, and have you felt the impact of those innings on your arm as the season wound down?

HIROKI KURODA: I really haven't thought of anything about that. You know, I don't really feel fatigued, or I don't think I can afford to think like that because I always prepare myself for the next game, and that's what I'm doing right now. So I'm just going to do my best and pitch my best game possible tomorrow.

Q. You haven't thrown a pitch in the postseason since 2009 where you only lasted 1.1 innings, allowing six runs against the Phillies. Do you think you have what you need to do for tomorrow night?

HIROKI KURODA: Yes, I think I'm prepared for tomorrow's game.